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04-08-04, 09:07
Seeking information about family of Karl August Sjolund died 15 May 1956, Clatsop County and Amanda Alexandra Lillvik Sjolund died 1962 Multnomah county. Amanda was from Träskvik, Lappfjärd area. They married in 1909 in Sideby and had at least 2 daughters born in Finland Hilma about 1909 and Dagmar Maria 1911. Orginally lived in NY city in 1916. Unknown as to when they moved to Oregon.

04-08-04, 13:26
Hi Carl,

The Sjölund family is from Skaftung village ( http://sydaby.eget.net/eng/nybond/skaftung1.htm ) which then belonged to the parish of Sideby. Amanda, Hilma and Dagmar arrived at New York on October 22, 1916 as can be seen from the Ellis Island archives. They sailed on the Bergensfjord from Bergen, Norway. Apparently Karl August already lived in New York because they according to EI were going to join him in NY city. Maybe you already knew this.

I contacted Edgar Sjölund in Skaftung by phone and he told that August was his father's brother. Edgar's father Axel (later the doyen of sea pilots) and grandfather as well were sea pilots and all three brothers Axel, Julius and (Karl) August emigrated around 1916 much as a consequence of the russification of the Finnish pilotage service. Axel and Julius returned to Finland but August stayed in the US. Julius, sea pilot, drowned in 1936. August's and Amanda's daughters visited Finland and Edgar Sjölund's family in Skaftung ca 30 years ago.

I reached Edgar Sjölund by phone at his summer cabin and he promised to give more detailed genealogy information and dates when he is back in his house in Skaftung.


04-08-04, 14:42
Thanks, for your help. I will be looking forward to anyadditional information that's available. Amanda is a cousin (3d?) and I having been helping her great-nephew find relatives in the states.

Karen Norwillo
04-08-04, 18:28
Carl, In searching the Ancestry.com archives, there are a large number of Sjolunds who came to the US. On the Oregon Death Index, Amanda died 13 Oct 1962 at age 74 in Multnomah County. The SSDI lists her birth date as 26 Apr 1888. There is also a George C Sjolund, her son, born 16 Nov 1921 and died 1 Jan 1998 in Lemoore, Kings, CA. I found the family in the 1930 Census in Astoria, Clatsop, OR on Taylor Ave. Lines 74-79
Sjolund, August age 43, est. birth 1886, 22 at marriage, Finland, emigrated 1912, laborer on docks
Sjolund, Asandie (misspelling of Amanda?), 42,1887, 21, Fin, 1916
Sjolund, Hilma A B, 20, 1909, Fin, 1916
Sjolund, Dagmar M, 18, 1911, Fin, 1916
Sjolund, Dagney G, 12, 1917, NY
Sjolund, George, 8, 1921, OR..this matches the SSDI.
From the WWI Draft Registration in Bronx, NY in June 1917, I found August Sjolund, born 30 Mar 1887 in Skaftung, Finland. He is 30 and lives at 626 E. 137 St. He is a carpenter for Norman Building Co in Harlem. He is married and has 2 children.
This would have the move to Oregon between 1918-1920
Iwill see if I can find the family on the 1920 census. Karen

02-09-04, 04:30
Thanks for all the information. I am now trying to find any children of Hilma Alexandra Sjölund Bartolini who died in Des Moine WA, Dagmar Maria Sjölund Brockman, died in Oregon, and George Sjölund who died in California. They would be my cousins.

02-09-04, 10:29
Tack till Staffan som satt ut adressen till hemsidan om Skaftung! Här fanns/finns mycket matnyttigt för mig, bl.a om Demasör därifrån "mina Hindsar" antagligen kommer ifrån.


Originally posted by staffan
The Sjölund family is from Skaftung village ( http://sydaby.eget.net/eng/nybond/skaftung1.htm ) which...

Karen Norwillo
02-09-04, 21:47
In the white pages of the phone book, there is a listing for a Corrine Sjolund living at 70 Linda Lane, Lemoore, CA. It is the same address and number as the 1994 phone listing for George C Sjolund. The number is 559-924-3515. Good luck. Karen