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Karen Davies
06-08-04, 00:36
Someone recently found a link and generously extended my grandfather's ahnentafel to Karl VIII Knutsson Bonde (1408-1470) through his daughter (via concubine) named Karin Karlsdotter Bonde (m. Erengisle Björninpoika Djäkn). I've been searching the internet and found information related to his first marriage to Birgitta Turesdotter Bielke (1428-1436) (son Ture 1430, daughter Kristina 1432), and his second marriage to Katarina Karlsdotter (Ormson?) Gumsehuvud (1438-1450) (daughter Magdalena, m. Ivar Tott.) He reportedly also had two children, Anna and Karl, by his mistress/consort Kristina Abrahamsdotter. But I haven't found anything about Karin Karlsdotter Bonde. Does anyone have information that might document her existence?


June Pelo
06-08-04, 20:32

I worked on my cousin's genealogy when he traced his line through Karin Karlsdotter married to Erengisle Björnsson Diekn of Gammelby. His sources were:
1- Ramsay, Jully: Frälsesläkter i Finland intill Stora Ofreden, Helsingfors 1909.
2. Bondsdorf, Bertel v.: Karl Knutsson's dtr Karin. Writings published by a helsingfors genealogist 1933 Essay IV, 1981 by Borje Thilman enumerates line of descent from Charlemagne to King Karl Knutsson.

My cousin's line was through the daughter of Karin and Erengisle: Märta Erengislesdotter Diekn who married Johan Flemming.

You can find more about Karl Knutsson's marriage here:


You'll find a lot about this on google.


Karen Davies
09-08-04, 03:46

Thanks so much for your information and documentation. My grandfather's line also goes through Märta Erengislentytär Djäkn and Johan Henrikinpoika Fleming and their daughter Britta (m. Torsten Salomoninpoika Ram.

This is quite an interesting development. Now if I could just locate my other grandfather in Finland.....