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06-08-04, 16:02
Dear reader. My mothers grandfather Karl Viktor Westerlund born 30.5.1864 had three brothers emigrating to America from Snappertuna in Finland. Their names were Janne (possible a short name), Frans and Gustav(f). They were alls Swedish speaking Finns. Frans came home again to Finland and died shortly after that 1919. He had a wife and maybe children in USA. Does anyone know anything about these brothers? It would be interesting to know if they had family and what they did for a living in America. Anita Wikberg

04-10-04, 08:10
Hi Anita,

Welcome to Finlander!

Have you traced the brothers through Ellis Island? Most of the ships manifests give a final destination and who the traveller was going to, which often cited a relationship to that person. Although many ships went to New York the final destination may have been for eg. California. Although not everyone ultimately went the final leg of the journey, most did. If you were able to mention an arrival year/town/state or date of birth for the brothers it would better enable people to help you as many records are place or time specific.

Here are some sites which may be helpful
http://www.genealogia.fi/indexe.htm select emigration, then select United States then Indexes. There are Nationwide and state specific indexes.
In the US each state has a Genweb site with lots of online searchable indexes. http://www.usgenweb.com/
Also Rootsweb has a World Connect Family Tree searchable site

Hoping these help you gather more information,