View Full Version : Laugh for the day

June Pelo
09-08-04, 01:42
Just had an e-mail from a man in Oregon who found some of my articles on the Net and he wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed them. He also said he saw my picture and thought that I was too "thin" to be a genealogist! He said he'd been working with genealogy for 40 years and all the genealogists he ever met were on the "wide" side.



Paivi T
09-08-04, 16:23
Then, come end of December and with it the fancy due date, 31 Dec, of our third child, I'll look like a genealogist, though with even less time than before to actually do much for my family research... :p

Paivi T, nearly mid-way in this pregnancy and already looking like a budding genealogist...!

09-08-04, 22:33
The cheeky man!!!

The diet starts tomorrow, by the way. It always starts tomorrow!!! Keep up the great work June, thin or wide. I love reading all your postings.