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10-08-04, 07:27
At a Fant family reunion, I rediscovered several childhood friends, with whom I often played, because my parents were very good friends. It turns out that the father, Arvid Ahlskog/ Alskog in the US was from Malax, my father's hometown. And thanks to the family tree posted at Sunday's reunion, I discovered that Arvid's wife, Hilma Irene, was born to Isaac Fant. Her father's brother had married a sister of my mother's father, John Carlson/Thors from Solf. So their family is connected with mine from two directions.

Arvid is said to have been born August 26 or 29, 1899. I found an entry on Ellis Island that seems to match up, who went to Aberdeen WA. Later he worked as a barber in Seattle, and died relatively young at 63 from multiple sclerosis.

I can't find such an Arvid Ahlskog in the Talko database. Does anyone have further information on him?

My old friends have gotten interested in their family roots.


23-08-04, 22:22
I asked Leo Hallbäck about Arvid Ahlskog, and he found
Emil Arvid Isaksson Ahlskog, who was born August 27, 1899. He had no information about any marriage, but parents and great parents. His father had a brother and two sisters who emigrated to the US. There are other names from Malax in this ancestry: Stolpe, Herrgård, Majors and Wästerman.
Do you think this Arvid could be your man?

24-08-04, 06:58
Thanks so much, Ulla, for checking! I will call the daughters when we return from Finland Sept. 21. In the meantime perhaps we'll see you around Malax. We plan to drive through in the first two weeks of September.