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10-08-04, 17:53
I'm not sure when the Forström name came to be in my family. My Great Grandmother Maria Andersdotter Forström was born November 8, 1882 in Sisbacka, Purmo. Unfortunately the birth records on microfilm only go up to 1875. Maria had a brother Anders born in 1871 and a sister Hanna born in 1874, I was able to locate thier birth records and found out that my Great Great Grandparents names were Anders Isaksson, Sisbacka and Lisa Jonaedotter/Jonasdotter, Slip. I was then able to locate Anders and Lisa's marriage record in 1870. I ordered Purmo household records and found in 1861 my G-G-Grandmother Lisa had a daughter Kajsa/Kaisa Lisadotter out of wedlock, however there was no mention of her that family members can remember. Another thing that has me wondering......Hanna was born in 1874 and Maria in 1882. There usually isn't an 8 year gap between children. How can I find out if there were other children born between 1875 and 1881? At the time of Hanna's birth in 1874 my family was only using patronymic names, so this has me questioning when my family took the Forström last name. Anders came to the United States in 1893, Hanna in 1900, Maria in 1902 and they all used the Forström last name when they came though Ellis Island. I'm sure I have living reatives in Finland, I'm just not sure how to go about finding them. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear from you.


Kaj Granlund
26-08-04, 21:02
As comes to Purmo the living genealogy dictionary is Tommy Olin. You could write to him at c/o Purmo Andelsbank, Purmovägen 300, FIN 68930 Finland faksimile: +358 6 7272010

K-G Molander
15-10-04, 05:53
Tommy Olin's email address found on HISKI as: