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01-09-04, 07:46
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Birthday : August 3, 1953

Biography : OK
Location : Helsingfors-Arensburg
Interests : Cars - Old Autos
Occupation : Diversearbetare
Researching surnames : Suuronen, Suronen, Sirola, Blomster, Nieminen, Bergstrom
Researching places/parishes :

11-08-10, 17:04
Hej igen! Did you see this?:

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a search-able database of merchant marines, or where I would write for records, as my grandfather was a merchant marine from Finland.
I have many documented ship arrivals, (in the port of New York), & just received my grandfathers passport.
He's been so many places, it seems there must be records somewhere that would give a little more information other than date of arrival & ship name.

My grandfather, Fridolf Julius Blomster, b.22 Dec. 1895, Helsingfors to (my g,grandmother), Emilia Sofia Blomster, (assuming out of wedlock), b. 01 Dec. 1871, Öfverkurk, Kirkkonummi. Fridolf married, (my grandmother), Elli Maria Väkinen, b. 23 Apr. 1894, Urjala.

I have much information on my grandmother's line and my grandfathers mother, but my grandfather and HIS fathers line, (as I don't know who his father was), has been my "brick wall" for at least 10+ years.

As always, any info. is greatly appreciated!

Some of you may still remember me, & yes, I'm still searching!
Maureen Hurley-Peters

11-08-10, 18:07

Lots of Blomsters in Kyrkslätt

Look at this record in Hiski (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?se+t3147598)

Född / Döpt 1.12.1871 3.12.1871
By / Gård Öfverkurk
Fader T. Joh.Fredr. Blomster
Moder hru Vilhelmina 35
Barn Emilia Sofia
Egen komm.
Original komm.
Länkar SSHY - Digiarkisto

Kyrkslätt married

23.7.1864 13.9.1864 Öfverkurk Bryggeri Bokhållaren Johan Fredrik Blomster Bonde enkan Mathilda Wilhelmina Strömberg Öfverkurk

Vigde utan skrud å Killnäs torp i Öfverkurk.
Children in Kyrkslätt

Since she was a widow:

3.1.1857 5.2.1857 Öfverkurk Öfvergård Bonden Carl Erik Strömberg Bondedottren Mathilda Wilhelmina Wiklund Kylmälä Bengtilä

Vigde i Skrud å Lappböle Tengo.

Got children:
9.6.1858 10.6.1858 Öfverkurk Bonden Carl Erik Strömberg hustru Mathilda 22 Carl Gustaf
13.9.1859 13..1859 Öfverkurk Bonden Carl Erik Strömberg hustru Mathilda Wiklund 23 Johan Viktor
28.4.1862 29.4.1862 Öfverkurk Bonden Carl Erik Strömberg hust. Mathilda 26 Wilhelmina Charlotta

21.6.1865 21.6.1865 Öfverkurk Torparen Joh.Fredrik Blomster hust. Mathilda 29 Johan Wilhelm
5.5.1867 7.5.1867 Öfverkurk Torparen Johan Fredrik Blomster hust. Mathilda Wilhelmina 31 Alexander Theodor
1.9.1869 5.9.1869 Öfverkurk T. Johan Fredr. Blomster hru Mathilda 33 Hilma Lovisa
1.12.1871 3.12.1871 Öfverkurk T. Joh.Fredr. Blomster hru Vilhelmina 35 Emilia Sofia
14.4.1878 19.4.1878 Öfverkurk Trp. Joh.Fr. Blomster hu Mathilda 42 Viktor Julius

25-08-10, 21:24
I have not posted before because I could not figure out how to do it but here is a try.
I am researching the Boudinmäki, Härmä, Kärpä and Huumonen - all same family, different farms they have lived on. They lived first in Liminka and then moved to Paavola. Also the Pietilä and Mankinen family of Paavola.
I will be coming to Finland in October and would like to see some of these farms if they are till around. Is there anything written on the history of farms in this area or surrounding areas?
We also have Sarkkinen from Kempele, Huntus, Hirvi, Jokela, SAarela, etc.
I would like to contribute to Talko to see if anyone else is in these lines but haven't been able to figure out how to do that either. Any help is appreciated. Diane Homola

June Pelo
25-08-10, 22:10
You did it right! Your letter is posted. In order to get into Talko, you'll need to submit a GedCom to Hasse and get a password from him. When you click on Talko you'll see Hasse's name and when you click on it, his address appears. Well, I just tried it, but don't see his name or address there - here it is:

I know some of the names you mentioned do appear in Talko - I have some of them in my own database, too, such as Paavola, Pietilä, etc.

I don't know where you can find a history of the farms. Maybe a member in Finland will know??