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07-09-04, 14:58
We're searching for one Leander Hansson Boholm who travelled to Minnesota, Duluth, USA around 1910. He came back to Finland around 1925, 26. What did he do in Duluth? Did any one know about him?
You can contact Lars Boholm,at Kronoby's genealogy association
<e-mail: hasse.andtbacka %40 pp.kpnet.fi>

Lars Boholm

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07-09-04, 17:54
Hi Syrene,
I'll forward this info to the email address listed but thought I'd place it here as well.

Leander Boholm was found in the 1920 census living in Precinct 41, Duluth City, St Louis County, Minnesota. His age was 43. He immigrated 1902, naturalized 1911. He was born in Finland but spoke Swedish, as were his parents.

He's living as a boarder with a widowed Sofia Carlsson. His occupation is listed as "Carpenter - House Building".

Hope this helps.

June Pelo
07-09-04, 22:21
SFHS member Bill Norman has an ancestor Lars Mattsson Still-Boholm, b. 1771 in Kronoby. Lars had a son Matts, b. 1803, who took the name Norrman, and his daughter Anna, b. 1831, married Johan Mattsson Slotte, b. 1836, Kronoby, who took the name Norrman. Their son Johannes, b. 1869, died 1972 in Superior, Wisconsin. Johannes had a son Harold who was Bill Norman's father. Is this the same family Boholm family?

I also have a Hans Mattsson Boholm, b. 1835, who married 1869 to Anna Mattsdotter Skuthälla. But have nothing about their children.


24-09-04, 01:45
Hi June,
We're back from Finland. The Boholm lookup had a wonderful result. Lars Boholm doesn't use the computer, but Hasse Andtbacka certainly does! He printed out the info and delivered it early in the morning the very next day. Thanks to Kevin from Lars. Hasse also brought it to us at Snåre's Bakery in Kronoby that same morning, before 9 AM when we were scheduled to give an interview to Radio Vega. Thanks Hasse. That Thursday, I was delivered a talk about SFHS and emigration at the Kronoby Gymnasiet, and invited students to ask questions, while using Internet overhead so they could see how to access material. Lars' granddaughter asked to see if there was a Boholm. You would have thought I had planted her in the audience:) The gymnasiet is considering beginning a new "line" of study: Emigration! Rector Tom Hansén is organizing it. We left the area after that and moved south to Vasa for some research on my family, so unfortunately June I don't know if Lars has received your good information. Hasse Andtbacka, do you know anything?

Hasse Andtbacka
24-09-04, 19:10
We check the correspondence on Finlander every Tuesday, when we are gathered in the City Hall basement :)

Lars Mattsson Still Boholm is related to our Lars Boholm, but not from the Boholm side. The relation is from Lybäck. June, we are interested in descendants to Matts Boholm, b. 1803, can you help us?

We found out in Snåre's Café that Don is definitely a Snåre relative. His hair, also the lack of it, and the chin is similar as Sigurd, Sigfrid and Bjarne Snåre had.

Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
25-09-04, 01:31

Here is a list of Matts Norrman's descendants from my database - I don't know if Bill Norman has more data, but I could ask him.


Hasse Andtbacka
25-09-04, 17:39
Thank you June,

the Norrman branche is now added to our database.

Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
26-09-04, 01:24

Bill Norman just notified me of an error in the data. His grandfather Johannes Johansson Norrby-Norrman, b. 14 Sep 1869, died 1 Feb 1939 in Superior, Wisconson. I don't know who gave me the other death date which showed him to be 102 years old!


Hasse Andtbacka
26-09-04, 07:20


Hasse A