View Full Version : Belated Happy Anniversary

07-09-04, 23:52
I guess with all the hurricanes lately in Florida, I've been a bit preoccupied.

I noticed that the 1 year anniversary of this Forum has passed without fanfare!

So here's my official fanfare--

"Happy 1st anniversary, Finlander Forum!!!" :D

Congratulations, Hasse, on a job well done!

08-09-04, 01:19
My congratulations to Hasse and all the other regulars and non-regulars who make the forum so successful.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with my inquiries. I look forward to having an opportunity to repay all the kindnesses and generosity that is shown by everyone.

Here's to many more successful years.

09-09-04, 18:39
I would like to add my congratulations to Hasse and everyone connected with the Forum. Its a very informative and interesting site. Many thanks


Tracy Boeldt
11-09-04, 21:25
WOW, one year already--I can't believe it! Many thanks to Hasse and everyone that's help me in my research.


Karen Norwillo
11-09-04, 21:29
Has it only been a year? Seems like I've known you all forever. You all feel like family. Good job to everyone. Karen

24-09-04, 01:52
Add my hurrah to the list! Hasse of course is our indomitable leader! And Kevin, his right hand man. Not to forget June (not even a hurricane can stop her for long!) and Granskare and there are SO MANY of you who volunteer help on queries. Participating on Finlander keeps my faith in people alive!