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08-09-04, 12:54

I live in Finland and I am seeking my roots from around Fitcburg region where both my grandfather and my grand oncle have lived over some time. My grandfather was there between 1909-1913 and came back the same year my grand oncle came over there. My grand oncle, Anton Ware (Wäre) died over there in Fitchburg 1939 at Burbank hospital. Him and his wife (Olga) had a child called Aune who would be in her late 80's if she was still alive and I have no knowledge of any possible decendents that she might have had. If anybody there knows anything about it, please contact me by the e-mail.

Yours truly, Pentti Roitto

11-10-04, 17:18
In the 1920 census for Fitchburg Mass is
Anton Ware 40 born Finland immigrated 1915 machinist in shop
wife Olga 33 born Finland same immig. date
son Tauno 16 born Finland, can't read immig. date
daughter Aune M. age 1 born Mass.
in 1930
Anton 50, Olga 43 and Aune is 11
Anton was a gardener in a paper mill.
I am unable to find his son Tauno in 1930.
He is listed on the Ellis island site
First Name: Tauno
Last Name: Ware
Ethnicity: Finland
Last Place of Residence: Kuasankoski, Finland
Date of Arrival: June 20, 1917
Age at Arrival: 13y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: United States
Port of Departure: Christiania
Manifest Line Number: 0026
He stated that he was going to Anton Ware in Mass.
Ancestry.com does not have much in death records for Massachusetts.
Perhaps a member who lives in Mass. can find more for you.
Alicia Marshall

12-10-04, 19:03
I was at Swenson Swedish center this morning but I did not find anybody by the surname Ware (Wäre) in the membership index or on the baptismal records.
They probably attended a Finnish language church in that town.

Chuck Maki i Rock Island, IL