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08-09-04, 18:11
Hello, I'm looking for any information on Maria Leppanen (later Hirvilampi), born circa 1877 around Karjala, Finland (not sure about the exact town). Her parents were Serafia and Jacob (John) Wiljamaa (Viljanmaa). What confuses me is that her last name is Leppanen while her parents and sisters (Aurora, Alma & Amelia) were all Wiljamaas. Is it possible that after she was born (since she was the oldest) they moved to a new farm & therefore accounted for the surname change? Her father is sometimes listed as John Leppanen, sometimes Jacob Wiljamaa - could this be correct?

I've searched through the parish records with no luck, if anyone with access to more info. could please help me find any info. on Maria Leppanen (born 1877) or her sisters, Alma, Aurora & Amelia Wiljamaa (all born 1880s), I would greatly appreciate it! Any more questions please e-mail me at hollylampi %40 hotmail.com. Thanks in advance..

11-09-04, 07:24
Holly and I did a bit of emailing so I am just putting online what I additionally found in the UP records from Swenson.

1. Alanko, I found this:
Nestor Mahias Alanko a confirmand listed Cooks, MI by Pastor Hoikka
parents: Juho Alanko

And what fun that Hilda Lampi is related to you but maybe not this one.

husband: Johan Yrjö Palomäki
wife: Hilma Lampi born: Jalasjärvi Nov 1 1872
This Hilda was married to Johan {George} Palomaki so probably not yours.

Maybe Kevin or Jeanette can fill in some of these details.


June Pelo
11-09-04, 19:36
I don't know how prevalent the Viljamaa name is but I have a Viljo Kalevi Viljamaa, b. 1947 in Merijärvi, Kronoby, son of Erkki Nestori Viljamaa. I don't have any other data except that Viljo and his family lived in Nivala and also in Ylivieska.


Karen Norwillo
11-09-04, 20:41
Holly, On Ellis Island records, I found Matilda Hirvilammi, age 22, arrived 26 June 1907, Ylistaro, Finland, SS Caronia out of Liverpool, she was listed as spinster, servant, going to brother Juho Hirvilammi Box 160 Amasa, MI. So it would be correct that the one on the 1910 census is her, also. She was listed as a dressmaker on that one.