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K-G Molander
12-09-04, 01:56
In several gedcom files I find Olof Mattsson Huntus, born 11 Jun 1680 Kaustby, Vetil. Burial on 11 Sep 1743 Vetil parish.
His father is said to be Matts Mårtensson Luomala in Kaustby, Vetil parish.

Checking Vetil parish birth records, I find one "Oloff" born on 11 Jun 1680 and the fathers name to be Matts Andersson Hunttu! (Mothers name missing).

Question: Is Matts Mårtensson and wife Cecilia Larsdotter (as found in gedcom files) wrong parents? If not, what's the source?

Karen Norwillo
12-09-04, 19:41
Karl, Looking at Vetil records on HisKi, I found a marriage on 3 Dec 1676 for Matts Andersson Huntuu and Anna Olofsdotter of Kaustby village. LDS records give the parents of Olof Mattsson Huntus Skriko ( same DOB) as Matts Mårtensson Luomala and Karin Andersdotter Hunttus, but HisKi has Karin married to Matts Mårtensson Tuomola on 24 Nov 1689. It shows Matts Mårtensson Luomala married to Anna Gabrielsdotter in 1723. I couldn't find a Cecilia Larsdotter connection. I'm confused.

June Pelo
12-09-04, 19:44

In my file I have Olof Mattsson Huntus-Skriko, b. 11 Jun 1680, Vetil, d. 11 Sep 1743, Karleby, married ca 1700 to Maria Andersdotter, b. 1680, Vetil, d. 14 Mar 1760, Nedervetil.

Olof was the son of Matts Mårtensson Luomala-Huntus, b. 1660, Kaustby, d. 5 May 1745, married 1689, Vetil to Karin Andersdotter Huntus. Olof Mattsson Skriko was my father's 5th great grandfather on the maternal side.

Matts Mårtensson Huntus-Luomala was the son of Mårten Henriksson Tuomala-Luomala, b. 1633, Kaustby, d. 29 Jun 1704, married to Cecilia Larsdotter, b. 1632, Kaustby, d. 1 Nov 1688.

My source for this data is Hans-Erik Krokfors in Åbo, Finland.


K-G Molander
12-09-04, 22:34
Thank you all for your comments. I did enter vrong name in my question. Sorry. It should have read:

Question: Is Matts Mårtensson and wife Karin Andersdotter (as found in gedcom files) wrong parents? If not, what's the source?

There is several years between the birth of Olof and the marriage date for Matts and Karin.