View Full Version : Kantarellstuvning

Gunnar Damström
13-09-04, 06:25
The summer was hot and dry in the Seattle region, but now we are back to "normal" with frequent rain showers and more agreeable temperatures. And the mushrooms are out! There are plenty of chantarells in the woods north of Sultan. At Stevens Pass along the Pacific Crest Trail you may find boletus muchrooms (boletus edulis, stensvamp - karljohansvamp).

You can now buy chantarells in the food stores at reasonable prices. To make a chantarell stew for two to accompany broiled meat or salmon, you need a pint of fresh chantarells (1 Lb), a yellow onion and some heavy cream. Chop the onion and let it sweat in some butter over a medium heat until soft, but not browned. Dice the chantarells, not too fine and add to the onion in the saucepan. The chantarells will dehydroyze, the amount of fluid depending on the season. Let the fluid evaporate until the onion-chanterll mixture thickens. Pour in 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Stir until stew thickens. Season with salt and white pepper. This is an excellent condiment with broiled (barbequed) meat or salmon.