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June Pelo
14-09-04, 19:22
I've received a lot of messages expressing concern for me during the hurricanes and I thank all of you. Staffan Storteir has set up this webpage which may be of interest:



Margaret Rader
15-09-04, 00:03
Thanks to Staffan for the website. Very informative. You folks are very brave and resolute. I understand Ivan will just brush the eastern coast of Florida, landing up in the panhandle or even in Louisiana. I hope the wind and rain don't amount to much -- you guys have been through enough!

Margaret Holm Rader

15-09-04, 01:09
I wouldn't describe the people living in Florida as "brave and resolute", but, I'll withhold my description of them. Billions of our tax dollars are going there to re-build what was damaged, or destroyed, yet, here in Upper Michigan, when we had a dam collapse causing millions of dollars of property damage, the government turned down our request for money. I wonder if it's because we didn't vote for Bush, and, he doesn't have a brother living here?

15-09-04, 05:26
Having grown up in the UP, I can assure you that I have never experienced any natural phenomenon there as what I've experienced going through a number of hurricanes here in Florida. It is something I hope to never have to go through again.

As for "brave and resolute", maybe yes, I think we are. "Resolute--Syn: Determined; decided; fixed; steadfast; steady; constant; persevering; firm; bold; unshaken." When you have winds exceeding 100mph blowing over your house and you begin to hear the wood creaking and fear the roof will be ripped from your house, all the while having to maintain your composure and remain "determined, fixed, steadfast, steady, constant, persevering, firm, bold and unshaken" while protecting the lives of your young children from shattering glass due to the windows blowing out of your home, I think those words rather adequately describe the moment.

As for the government assistance being offered (all of our tax dollars), I'm not sure to whom the money is going. Our friends' home has been condemned due to storm damage. She was turned down by FEMA for assistance because her $36,000 income was too high for herself and her 2 young children. Fortunately, she has insurance but must apply for a low interest loan (FEMA) to pay the deductible. She is only 1 of at least 10 people I can think of off the top of my head who suffer the same fate.

And these are people in Central Florida, where Charley was only a Category 2 hurricane when it passed our area. Ask June and her sister, Ruth, who are both in their 80s, who live in the area which suffered a direct blow of a Category 4 storm with 145mph sustained winds blowing over their home, who weathered the storm while huddled in their home and ask if she's brave or resolute. Maybe we aren't. Maybe we just did the best we could to survive, despite the fear we felt.

Sorry you feel this is a political issue. I'm sure most residents in Florida would disagree.

June Pelo
15-09-04, 18:29
Thanks, Kevin. I was also turned down by FEMA because my retirement income is too high - less than $20,000. I was told that they would send me an application to apply for a loan. And there are many stories in our newspaper of people who don't qualify for FEMA - some of whose income is less than mine. So I don't know what it takes to qualify. I read today that FEMA took a number of homeless families from here and moved them to FEMA house trailers in Venice, FL - where there was no electricity installed yet and they have no access to any conveniences. FEMA couldn't answer questions about this situation because there was no one based here who could make decisions! Today's paper said that 90% of the buildings here were damaged by the hurricanes and that it would take many years to repair them. 11% of the buildings are so badly damaged they have to be torn down, including 6 schools and the Punta Gorda mall. Ace Hardware was totally destroyed - the paper shows the owner on his hands and knees going through the rubble, salvaging what he can and he plans to hold a sale to raise money to be put toward a new building.


15-09-04, 22:16
I probably shouldn't butt in here, but I can't help myself.

I don't think misfortunes should be turned into political issues. It wouldn't help the people in Micigan U.P. one bit if the federal governement neglected the people in Florida. As I understand it from different news report most of the infrastructure is down in Florida. It is understandable that it is a national concern to get things going again. I'm no fan of president Bush, but I don't doubt that he would help Florida even if John Kerry was governor there.

And there is a difference between an "act of God" and a poorly built dam, which man is responsible for. In most countries the one who causes the damage pays for it and as God doesn't pay in money, the governement and involved insurance comanies steps in and pay in most civilized countries.

I, for my part do not envy you Floridans for the help you get.

In my books you are brave and resolute. And that doesn't mean that I think any lesser of people in UP or anywhere else in the world. Esteem is not a null sum game where you have to take away something from one in order to give it to someone else.

I hope you all get through these hard times.


Sandy Witt
26-09-04, 02:25
Thank you, Margaret and Sune, for your wishes for the people of Florida.

I appreciate your eloquent defense of the people of Florida, Kevin. It is a shame that someone feels the need to politicize a dreadful series of natural disasters that the people in Florida have had to face for more than a month now.

I have no idea where the FEMA money is going, probably to repair the infrastructure.

And now another hurricane - Jeanne - is bearing down on us after killing more than 1,000 people in Haiti. More information can be accessed at:


Best wishes from a storm-weary Floridian,
Sandy in Gainesville

Karen Norwillo
26-09-04, 17:46
All those in harm's way are in my prayers. Have friends and family all over the state and they've all been affected by these terrible wraths of nature.

June Pelo
26-09-04, 19:06
Today we're getting pounded by another awful hurricane - the wind and rain seem to be worse than Charley. It's been raining and blowing non-stop since about 3 a.m. and now it's 12 noon and there's no letup. More shingles are blowing off my roof so I keep looking for leaks in the ceiling. I wonder how Kevin is doing - heard on TV that Orlando was getting lots of wind and rain, too. Our electricity keeps going out, so I better hurry and send this before it goes out again...


26-09-04, 19:17
I just saw in the news that Orlando is getting the center of this new hurricane. I hope Kevin is Ok.

The news also told that the roof of a Finland House in Florida has blown away. Shall this never end?


Sandy Witt
26-09-04, 19:57
Hi, Finlander Forum members,

The latest hurricane is starting to make its presence felt in Gainesville (in the north central part of Florida), where a curfew has been imposed.

My father just called from Sanford (right outside Orlando), where they continue to have high winds, rains, and flooding. Many of the large roads are completely washed out there. His electricity has been out since 4 AM - and may be out for several days.

Kevin's power is probably out too. There is a live weathercamera for Orlando at the following website:

I hope that Kevin (and all of our Florida contacts and their families) are safe and sound...along with anyone who might be impacted by Hurricane Jeanne as it moves northward.

Sune, was it the "Finland House" in Lake Worth that was damaged? I tried to locate information about it on the Internet, but wasn't successful.


26-09-04, 21:26
I checked the mtv3 channel's website. (here (http://www.mtv3.fi/)) It was the Finland House in Lantana.


26-09-04, 21:30
I'm here. Just was reluctant to post anymore "hurricane news" after that one post.

Just now starting to see on tv some of the damage caused by Jeanne. Oddly, this storm made landfall about 5 miles from Frances (3 weeks ago) and followed a similar path. This one was stronger than Frances but not quite the winds of Charley and less than Ivan (thankfully). Our weather started getting bad about midnight and we're still getting strong gusts. Quite a few leaks in the roof that developed from Frances have caused more water damage but nothing too serious. We haven't ventured out to check around outside as there's still a curfew until 5pm.

Sandy mentioned a website to view. There's one of our local stations that is streaming video of their broadcast. Website is www.wftv.com Might be interesting for some of you far removed from these phenomena.

From what I've seen so far, lots of flooding and more houses destroyed on the east coast. For some reason, not nearly as many people evacuated for this storm. Turns out it was far worse for them than the last storm, at least on the coast.

Hope Sandy rides out the storm safely and June can stay dry. Also hope the friends and relatives of fellow Forum members who live in Florida are all well! :)

Can this one be the last one, please?

Sandy Witt
26-09-04, 22:20
Thank goodness you and your family are okay, Kevin.

We are experiencing a lot of wind and rain here now. The power went out briefly but is back on (for how long, I am not sure).

Thanks for the website about Lantana, Sune.

It is amazing how news stories are available all around the world, thanks to the Internet.


Paivi T
27-09-04, 08:19
Last night (Sunday night, Finnish time), television news started showing footage of the Finland House in Lantana, reporting of its lost roof.

This morning, the news were much much worse, reporting yet more lives lost... Awful.

And what's this about at least one more storm brewing up...? Does it never end?

Lots and lots of SISU to all Floridians and others hit by those blasted hurricanes!

June Pelo
27-09-04, 21:04
How wonderful it is to see the sun shining today. The rains have stopped but the wind is still blowing quite hard. I've been outside picking up all the debris and staking up plants that blew over. I've been calling stump removal companies to try to get someone out here to remove my 16 tree stumps - all of them tell me they are swamped with business and can't do the work right away. So I may have to leave the stumps there until winter! Our newspaper, and we all agree, that Hurricane Jeanne was much worse than Frances - Jeanne brought much stronger winds and rain around here.