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15-09-04, 16:19
Just came back from our trip in USA.We stayed in Mound outside Minneapolis for 1 week and met a lot of relatives, had a wonderful boatrip on Missisippi river, a boatrip round Minnetonka lake and a sightseing in Minneapolis downtown. We drove up to Wisconsin and met moore relatives, tried wine and cheesetaisting in Brantwood and visited a buffalo farm. Drove again up to Negaunee and met my distant relative Midge Waters, thank you Midge for buffalohamburgers we enjoyed that and then we drove on to Bessemer and visited the cemetery, i tried to find my grgrandfathers grave but had ni luck, the courthouse was closed because of laborday so we couldīnt look in the archive.
And Chuck you were right it was not very warm up in Michigan as a matter of fact it rained the day we visited Bessemer.Forgot to taste that famous pastry,have to try when i come next time.Got a lot of papers from my wifes relatives in Mound and Wisconsin who want to know moore about their ancestors in Finland so i gonna be busy for some time with these things.Had a real good time in USA and met a lot of nice people.Will probably be back again some day. Christer Westergard