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June Pelo
17-09-04, 01:31
This year marks the 150th anniversary of artist Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905) and is being celebrated with a grand exhibition of his work in Helsingfors at Ateneum, part of the Finnish National Gallery. http://www.ateneum.fi

He was born to a family of nobility and he moved in the high society of his day, yet his studio home in Haikko was simple. He was considered the best European portrait painter of his day and produced over a thousand paintings during his lifetime.

The exhibition opened 3 Sep 2004 and runs to 30 Jan 2005 and will feature all of his masterpieces. He was trained in the Academic style and later influenced by Manet and other impressionists - and was the first Finnish artist to reach international acclaim.

Norden, 2 Sep 2004

See also http://www.porvoonmuseo.fi