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21-09-04, 15:02
I just realized I haven't seen a posting from Gita in a while. I checked her profile and it has been since June. Has anybody heard from her? Is she ok?

21-09-04, 20:39
I don't know anything about Gitas whereabouts the last three months either, but after reading your post I sent her an e-mail and asked how she is. Let's see if she responds.


Gita Wiklund
21-09-04, 21:34
Hi there!
Iīm okey...
Iīm glad you noticed my absence though :-)
Well, about four months ago I got a full time job at a local newspaper as a journalist. So I havenīt had much energy over for genealogy and stuff. It has been a time of learning since itīs a new field for me. Now Iīm starting to get the hang of it, so my energy is returning. Youīll probably see more of me here from now on as Iīm starting to feel a bit anxious to work on my genealogy research again.
So, has there been any interesting discussions lately?

Gita :D

22-09-04, 07:54
Journalism isn't a proffession. It's a lifestyle. Good luck Gita.

I should know after 27 years in variuos newspaper offices.


Gita Wiklund
22-09-04, 09:31
Thanx Sune! I really like this new lifestyle! :-)

Karen Douglas
22-09-04, 14:15
Hi Gita,
Welcome to the world of Journalism!
I, too, can attest to the fact that it's a wonderful profession that will bring you much joy in meeting new people and writing and recording many interesting stories about the world in which we live!
I, however, look at Journalism as an "infectious disease."
Once it gets into your bloodstream, you will never want to stop playing with words! :D

Best to you,
Karen Douglas

Gita Wiklund
22-09-04, 16:29
Hi Karen!

I guess I must have caught at least two infectious diseases then (genealogy + journalism) :D

22-09-04, 19:58
Glad to have you back and into the swing of things!

You've been missed! :)

Good luck with your new career!

Gita Wiklund
22-09-04, 20:48
Thanx Kevin!.....:)

Karen Douglas
24-09-04, 14:10
Gita wrote: "I guess I must have caught at least two infectious diseases then (genealogy + journalism)."

Good morning, Gita!

Your comment called to mind something that a Journalism professor told me a long time ago. "In order to be a good journalist you have to like - and be interested in - people."

So, I see a direct correlation - or connection - between genealogy and journalism.

You will be a good journalist!:)


Gita Wiklund
24-09-04, 17:51
I believe that professor was right. Iīm very interested in people, and believe one has to be in order to do this. For many reasons. As for one you have to be able to connect with all sorts of people. Itīs important that they feel comfortable with you and that they can rely on you, in order to open up. One of the most fun and interesting parts of this job is really to meet with all kinds of different personalities in different contexts.

Have a nice day!


24-09-04, 21:13
It's true that the best part of journalism is meeting interesting people... and the most boring part is writing about it. Luckily writing is just about ten percent of the job. But it becomes harder each year.


04-10-04, 22:42
Congrats. on the new job Gita.

Wish I could have pursued my journalistic dreams more earnestly, before I reached my "almost 60`s", well a year and a bit to go, but who`s counting? Secretarial work was the way to go in my younger days. Haven`t altogether lost the urge for writing, and still dabble in poetry and occasional articles, so from one "would be if she could be writer" to "one who has made it", all the very very very best

:o :)

05-10-04, 02:58
We frustrated writers now have the most wonderful opportunity! The audience is eager for our words. The theme is one close to our hearts. We don't have to worry about selling millions of books! Gather your family heritage information and make a CD, one for each member of the family! Include photographs, digital images of citizenship records, tape and/or video recordings of the characters!

And don't we have characters in our families?

Don't forget to send a copy of the collection to the Swedish Finn Historical Society archive, and place a copy on the Oracle from Delphi. Hasse will show you how to do it.


Gita Wiklund
05-10-04, 20:36
Thank you Gwenda,
Iīm not all that young myself .:eek:
Seems like itīs never too late. Just as you I like the writing part very much. Itīs quite funny by the way: My g grandfather was a writer and also edited some newspapers in Finland. His cousin as well. I have found some articles of theirs searching the database of The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771-1890. http://digi.lib.helsinki.fi/index_en.html

I have often envied them but it was more of a coincidense than anyting else that I ended up doing this. I donīt regret it happended though, itīs a lot more fun than I had imagined.


05-10-04, 21:42
Hello Gita

Thanks for replying. Sorry but I did check your birth date in your profile and this ancient decrepit old gal is about 16 years ahead of you. Do not consider yourself old yet. I don`t. Still as young on the inside, and still as crazy sometimes, as I was many years ago. However, getting back to the writing bit in all seriousness, I attended a 5 week writing class back in the summer, which helped a bit and I keep sending my poems and articles off to publishers. Also attended a longer course several years ago. Had a centre page feature article published in the Eastern Daily Press (Norwich newspaper) last year, or was it the year before? and a couple more in the pipeline, so guess I am not doing too badly for an "almost oldie". Not quite ready to give up the day job yet though. Also, as a result of the aforementioned writers class, a book/CD of all participants has been printed, but so far I haven`t seen a copy. Not that it will actually go on sale, as apparently it is only being printed for those who submitted copy towards it, as a "reward" for taking part. Some day I really would love to receive some real honest to goodness money for at least one of my efforts, because so far I haven`t been paid for anything. Foolish person that I am. Still, will keep trying....

;) :o :( :) :D

Gita Wiklund
05-10-04, 22:16
Still, will keep trying....

Thatīs the spirit :D

Clearly you have the drive and some day itīll pay.
Here in Sweden there is a guy who started a forum for poets - that is - anyone who enjoys poemwriting. Itīs free to join and it has become very popular in a short time. The poems keep flowing in like a river of poems. Anyone can comment on your writing, and rate it. I think itīs a splendid idea.

:confused: Check it out at: