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29-09-04, 19:10
Seiplax, Anna Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 29/6 1870 in Oravais.

Moved to USA. About 1890, and some one says to Duluth Minn.
Her second name in USA Ericson ???
Father Seiplax, Erik Eriksson.
Born 2/2 1842.
Died 8/4 1873.
Mother Mattus, Stina Gabrielsdotter.
Born 1/10 1840.
Died 15/6 1884.

Do anyone know anything of her.


Henrik Mangs

30-09-04, 03:38
If I'm understanding you correctly, Anna's name in the US was also Ericson? I did find one Anna Ericson in Hibbing, St Louis County, Minnesota in the 1930 US Census. Hibbing is not that far from Duluth.

Her age was 64 (b.~1865/6) and has an immigration year of what appears to be 1886. It's hard to read. She's listed as a widow with a son Toivo.

In the 1920 census, I could only find 1 Anna Ericson in Minnesota, age 18 and immigrated in 1909 (if I remember correctly).

I no longer have my subscription to genealogy.com which would be more useful for the 1900 & 1910 census. Maybe someone else who has access could look it up for you.

Good luck!

30-09-04, 06:30
Hi Henry,
Tack för senast!
Did you mean a death date of 1884? If so, the 1900 and later census records won't have her included.

What was the emigration date, or is it in the church books?

30-09-04, 09:13

Sirene, tack för senast.

Anna Greta Seiplax was born 29/6 1870 in Oravais, and Nils Olin informed me that she emigrated to USA ab. 1890-1905 and the first place in USA was Duluth there a lot of Oravai peoples lived.
She was i n life until ~¨1940-45.

Henrik Mangs

30-09-04, 18:21
Thanks for correcting me. I will try census records.

30-09-04, 19:10
First I went to Ellis Island, but couldn't find your particular Anna. I'm including a married Seiplaks, who evidently travelled to the USA several times, leaving his wife at home. It's possible he travelled to Anna once. Haven't checked that yet.

The second person is the only Anna I can find on Migration Institute's records. I was looking for a date of entry to the US.

First Name: Mathias
Last Name: Seiplaks
Ethnicity: Finland, Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Oravais, Russia
Date of Arrival: May 17, 1912
Age at Arrival: 27y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Mauretania
Port of Departure: Liverpool

First names Anna
Age or age group 28
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Crystal Falls
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 291
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 11.11.1899
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England . .9999
Ocean Line Dominion Linen
Port of departure in England *
List and page 4/12

Will keep looking,

30-09-04, 20:05
Hi again,
I've searched 1900 census but not all states are included. I also searched 1910, but no luck.

And of course if she got married, we don't know that name. However, I went through the list of members in Svensk-Finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika for the Minnesota lodges, but didn't find her.

However, in the West Duluth, Minnesota, lodge I found one Gust. Johnson (Anders Gustav Seiplax), Oravais. A cousin of Anna's??? Does that family have any stories about Anna Greta?


30-09-04, 21:19
Here is her family. I do not know any Anders Gustav Seiplax, but I have only a lot of Seiplax in my database.
Seiplax, Erik Eriksson.
Born 2/2 1842.
Died 8/4 1873.

Father Seiplax, Erik Eriksson.
Born 16/8 1816 (Oravais kb 1854-60 p129).
Died 18/9 1869.
Mother Pärus, Margareta "Greta" Henriksdotter.
Born 2/4 1821.
Died 30/7 1897.
Married 26/6 1863 in Oravais to
Mattus, Stina Gabrielsdotter.
Born 1/10 1840.
Died 15/6 1884.
Child Seiplax, Erik Eriksson d.y..
Bonde på Seiplax.
Born 18/1 1864 in Oravais.
Died 9/9 1911 in Seiplax Oravais. Married 27/11 1884 in Oravais to Seiplax, Anna Mattsdotter.
Born 24/9 1864 in Seiplax Oravais.
Died 6/4 1925 in Seiplax Oravais.
Seiplax, Gabriel Eriksson.
Born 12/8 1866 in Oravais.
Died 23/9 1866.
Seiplax, Lisa Eriksdotter.
Born 23/10 1867 in Oravais.
Died 11/6 1874.
Seiplax, Anna Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 29/6 1870 in Oravais.
Seiplax, Maria Eriksdotter.
Born 27/12 1872 in Oravais. Married 30/7 1892 in Oravais to Nyman, Matts Henrik Johansson.
Born 13/10 1870 in Monäs Munsala.
Died 16/4 1927 in Oravais.

Henrik Mangs

01-10-04, 05:26
Hi Henrik,
I am acquainted with Mårten Seiplax so I am assuming he's an ancestor here.
I will go to Swenson and see what I can find in the Duluth area. I did not find anybody named Seiplax in my Crystal Falls list of Finnish born people. Many from Oravais though.


01-10-04, 19:44
Hi Henrik,
I searched 4 Duluth microfilms at Swenson and did not find her as a member under the Seiplax name or an Erikson name (a variety of spellings were followed)
I did notice that Bethel Lutheran at Duluth, Swenson # R120, aka E120, has many many Swedish Finns on the membership roll so if anybody has a Duluth destination, this would be a good church to search for S-F records.


01-10-04, 22:04
I was back to Swenson today to check on the Quincy MA query so decided to look into the Bethel Lutheran at Duluth once more to see if there are any people born in Oravais because perhaps the name was not Erikson:)

I found these two:
Mrs Anna Olivia Jakobson, born Oravais 12 14 1894 and
Gustaf Stahlman (maybe Stohlman) born Oravais 12-11-1877

Update on Crystal Falls. I did not find anybody named Anna Greta born in Oravais on the church rolls.


02-10-04, 05:04
Hi Henrik,
St Louis County MN has a really good genealogical site which has access to both the following records
St Louis County Death Records Online Index - January 1, 1870 through Dec. 31, 2000
MHS (MN Historical Society) Online Death Index 1907-1996 (this site can be searched by name, time period, or county etc)
The url is

Another good site for MN is the iron range research centre
which has a searchable database of alien registrations, naturalizations and some cemetery and obituary listings.

Perhaps you may be able to locate Anna in one of the many indexes.

I searched the HQ Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census without any luck for S*pl* and Eri*s*n finding only one.
ERICKSON Annie 44 Fin St Louis Stuntz Twp 723 2 145 A MN
This is the only other Anna close to the correct age.
ERICKSON Anna 37 Fin San Miguel S W Telluride 17-PCT 125 2 101 A CO
Perhaps she was either married by 1910 or living with other relatives with the same surname, unfortunately this index will not list her in that case.

Best wishes