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Kaj Eriksson
02-10-04, 16:45

I am looking for some of my 1st and 2nd cousins who have come to USA:

Name Born Arrived at Ellis Island

Sigrid Adelaide Holmberg 29.1.1886 Hitis 23.4.1909

Elvira Borchild Holmberg 9.7. 1892 Hitis 8.11.1921
Married to:
Albert Ferdinand Andersson 28.3.1891 Bjärnå Married 1.5.1926
Gertrude Elvira Andersson 5.12.1926 New York
Roy Carl Andersson 19.4.1932 New York

Elvira's sister:
Tyra Ingrid Charlotta Holmberg 14.11.1894 Hitis 31.3.1910
Married to 6.4.1939 William McDonald Forbes

Emil Johannes Laurentius Isaksson 10.8.1894 Hitis 13.5.1911

I would be very grateful if someone knows anything more about those persons

Kaj Eriksson

17-10-04, 13:16
Hej Kaj,

When Sigrid Holmberg arrived in NY on 23 Apr 1909 she went to stay with Friend John Soderstrom 736 - 42? St, Brooklyn, NY

Thyra Holmberg age 15 arrived 31 Mar 1910 went to stay with
her sister Sigrid Holmberg at 736 - 42? St, Brooklyn, NY

Elvira aged 21 arr NY 17 Oct 1913 aboard Mauretania together with two friends Frida? Lindstrom and Astrid Berglund also from Hiittis. They all went to Sigrid Holmberg at 404 Palisade Ave, Yonkers, NY.

Elvira B Holmberg arr 8 Nov 1921 age 29 aboard the Frederik VIII from Copenhagen line 19

Emil Isaksson 19yrs arr 13 May 1911 on Campania (ticket to Duluth) final destination Malli/Matti Isakson Eveleth, Minnesota.
Here are some sites which may be helpful


Kaj Eriksson
18-10-04, 15:17
Hi Jeanette,

Thank you again for your answer on my request for Holmberg I am very grateful for all your inconveniece you have had for me. I almost seems that you are doing all my researches.
Once more thank you very much for your information.