View Full Version : Hjalmar Johannes "John" Ohman from Nagu

02-10-04, 23:47
I am seeking for info about Hjalmar Johannes Öhman born 29 September 1889 in Nagu Träskholm.
Hjalmar was a brother of my father’s mother, he was a seaman and I have traced him in the ships manifests of Ellis Island.
He was employed on the American steamer “Western Queen” as boatswain/carpenter 1918 -1919 and sailed between southern Europe and America and I think the photo is taken then.
In 1919 he signed off and stayed in America.
In one of the manifests his “Last Place of Residence” was Victoria Hotel, Seattle, Washington.
He visited the old home once sometimes between 1955-1960 when I met him.
I was a kid then and have very vague memories about that but according to my father he then told that he had been married twice and had several children.
I think he is identical to “John Ohman” who died in Bywater, Orleans, Louisiana in April 1967, the date of birth indicate that.
My father (born 1918) has a lot of cousins he knows (there were 9 children in his mother’s family) but he is also curios about his “unknown” relatives (and I’m too).
Best regards
Rune (Born 1950 in Nagu)