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Kaj Granlund
04-10-04, 09:31
I know this information is very poor.
I have a Johan Bernhard Haaranoja or Rosenblad born 28 April 1829 in Bötom, Finland. His father's name was Matts Andersson. He did "escape abroad" about 1852. Very clear indeed where he went from Finland;). That could be everything between Sweden and South Africa.
IF he left for America he could also have used both Mattson or Anderson. In that case it was an early emigration to America from Finland, but not unlikly.
Any idea how to try to find out if he entered America?

06-10-04, 01:49

A real long shot here but maybe worth a shot.


06-10-04, 07:09
I have used this site for attempting to locate some of my wife's ancestors. Use the buttons at the top rather than the links at the left. It's tedious but may be helpful.

17-10-04, 04:00
Hej Kaj,
Here are some more sites which may be helpful
US Genweb has many census online and searchable

Have you done a search at family search?
You can search the 1880 US Census, 1881 Canadian & English census all at the same time as well as check other records.

Sweden Anno 1890 is searchable for the north

The English 1901 census is also searchable free but more information costs
select person search/advanced person search


Kaj Granlund
17-10-04, 10:09
I haven't done that much, cause I felt the information was too poor to know where to start. But you have given me many links to try now. Now I'll have to go on and see if I can find him. Didn't find him in some shipslists from those years. Think Norway could be a reasonable place of departure, so I'll start with those.