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05-10-04, 13:28
I'm searching information on Ernst Georg Andersson born 11.2.1888 in Stockholm. Mother Anna Josefina Theodora Andersson, father unknown. The mother could not take care of him and he came to Helsinki 1897 and lived there till 1906. He was raised there by a unknown family - can be the Nordin family (Per and Therese Nordin)? The Nordin family lived for a while in St. Petersburg. Ernst emigrated to the USA 1907 with a son of the Nordin family. There must be some connection with the Nordin family and Ernst?

Would appreciate any information on his life in Finland?

05-10-04, 20:17
Have you tried the <www.ellisisland.org> database? It covers the years 1892-1923 for those who entered the USA at New York.
It's free.
Good luck on your search.

Karen Norwillo
06-10-04, 03:36
I found 2 entries for an Ernst Georg Andersson on Ellis Island, one arriving 29 Mar 1912 on the Mauretania. The second appears to be the same person arriving 8 years later on the Fredrik VIII. He is now a US citizen. Both times their destination was NY. On the first trip his closest living relative is given as G. Andersson, father. There are many entries for just Ernst Anderson. I also found many Nordins, but none thus far travelling with an Anderson. On the WWI Civilian Draft Registration, I found a Ernst Georg Anderson 11 Feb 1888 born Stockholm, Sweden in Seattle, WA. There is also an Ernst G Anderson on the 1910 Census in Seattle, but his age is listed as 40. This may just be an error or it may not be him. On the 1920 Census, there are 13 Ernst Andersons listed born in Sweden, only 2 have a close DOB , 1887.

06-10-04, 04:52
There was a journalist who used to write humorous comentaries for the Svenska Posten named Nordin. It was John Nordin. I wonder if that's any relation. I always thought he was from Sweden.