View Full Version : How to submit a database

06-10-04, 16:58
I have not posted in so long , I have forgotten how to upload or submit a new database.:D
I have done one of the Finns in the Greater Chicago area only with 1446 names in it. It has more in the surrounding area and in some parts of Wis. but to tell you the truth I am sick of doing it.
I think I am dreaming of Finnish names all night as a result of typing. Perhaps this winter when I am stuck in , I will do the rest.
I am trying for one last weekend at camping on Friday before we haul the trailer back for winter storage. Should be nice with all of the leaves in full color.

06-10-04, 18:53
Hi Alicia,

Just email them directly to me an I will look into how to enter them the best way.