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07-10-04, 11:36
Johan (John) Fredrik Lindeman b. 9.5.1896 in Vasa

Searching information on his stay in the USA. Cannot find him on the Ellis Island records, haven't either any information of the years when he arrived and left the USA. In my records is only mentioned that he staid in the USA for a while. The years must be after the civil war in Finland (as he participated in that war) i.e. 1918. He married Thyra Nylund 1926, unknown were and he died 1930 in Vasa.

I would appreciate any information on his stay in the USA.

Karen Norwillo
08-10-04, 18:36
Stina, Found your Johan Fredrik Lindemann on Ellis Island, note the extra "n". He arrived in NY 9 Apr 1920, age 24, single, from Wasa, Finland, SS Bergensfjord out of Kristiana, Norway. Father..Aino Lindemann in Wasa, going to friend Emil Ekblad at 14 Main St. Gardner, Mass. He was listed as a gardner farmer. I found both Emil Ekblad, father and son, in the WWI draft registrations for Gardner, Mass. Both born Wasa, Finland. Father was Isak Emil Ekblad, 3 Jun 1874 and son was Einar Ernet Emil Ekblad, 17 Sep 1897. Both born Wasa. Hope this helps. Karen

09-10-04, 11:51
Karen, thank you for finding 'my' Johan! Never thougth about the extra 'n'. Stina