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08-10-04, 10:58
When I came to work today I had a copy of Forum member K-G Olin's new book "Egen lyckas smed" on my desk.

I has the subtitle "Finlandssvenska emigrantöden i Oregon med tyngdpunkt på entreprenöskap" (Finnish-Swedish emigrant fates in Oregon with emphasis on entrepreneurship)

Over half of the book contains a list of names with data.

The eleven chapters tell about different businesses and entrepreneurs who made an impact on Oregon.

I haven't read it yet, only browsed through it. But it seems to follow the same concept as Olin's earlier books, with lots of photos and a really good layout.

Now we of course wait for a book about Washington, after which Olin has more or less covered the west coast.


08-10-04, 13:50
See this link (http://www.multi.fi/~olimex/html/egenlycka.html)

08-10-04, 18:22
Yes, please emphasize directly to K-G Olin that a book on Washington is absolutely necessary. He included information on the Olympia cooperative plywood mill (fanérfabrik)located in Washington, in this book, so I worry that he's done with the west coast. Or as it is today, the WET coast:)