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10-10-04, 00:43

My name is Christer and I'm born in a small village in Finland, Lappfjärd, now I'm living with my family in Espoo, Finland. I'm a rather new "genalogist"... I found today on the search engine (after a few attempts...) on Ellis Island my grand mother's father: Viktor Storhannus!! (he has not made my searchings easy as he has eltered his name so often; he was born as Viktor Erik Henriksson Klockars on 3.6.1858; then he eltered his name to Ingves, then to Storhannus and finaly to Brandt. He was 3 time married and he immigrated 3 times to the US and he died 19.9.1943 in Lappfjärd) I have since then eagerly trying to find out more about him and where else in thed US he might have been. At some point I ended up to this web site and it seems to be an good forum and I'm hoping that someone would know some more about this Victor.

Below my finding on Ellis Islands searhing engine:
First Name: Wiktor
Last Name: Storhannus
Ethnicity: Finn
Last Place of Residence:Lappfjord
Date of Arrival:April 23, 1901
Age at Arrival:42y, Gender:M,Marital Status:M
Ship of Travel: Cymric
Port of Departure:Liverpool
Manifest Line Number:0006

--> There were also four other immigrants from Lappfjärd on this same journey: Ingves Axel 17 year's old, Björs Josef 20 y, Ivars Erland 24 y and Holm Victor 20 y.

If I'm reading the manifest correctly it seems like that the final destination for this trip numer 3? was Denver, Colorado (it's hard to read the other information, but I guess it says that he have also been 4 1/2 years in california?)


10-10-04, 02:13
Hi Christer and welcome to the Finlander Forum!

I tried searching for your Victor Storhannus in the 1910 and 1920 US census. Nothing showed up. I also tried using Soundex searches but still nothing.

Possibly since he came to America so many times, he wasn't present during either of these 2 census. They are performed every 10 years.

Sorry I couldn't help out with this but good luck in your continued search. Maybe others will have better luck using other resources.

10-10-04, 04:05
Welcome to Finlander, Christer.

I found a link to someone who might be able to assist you in locating your great-grandfather. On the Latter Day Saints' (LDS)website (www.familysearch.com), there is a listing for him :

Viktor Erik Henriksson Brandt
Compact Disc #14 Pin #351160
Born 3 June 1858
Death 18 September 1943

Spouse: Maria Eufrosyne Lammasniemi
Disc #14 Pin #348674
Marriage: abt 1894 Place: Lappfjard, Vaasa, Finland

Below this record is the name of the person who submitted the information:

Mrs. Gail Blomberg RAPOZA
28240 Nancy Lane Conroe
Texas 77385-9040

I found a phone # for her: (281) 364-8996 and left a message to see if I could get an email address for you. There was no answer but I will try again tomorrow. (I left my email address and phone number on her answering machine.) Although you probably know this information, it is possible that she might have additional family information that can provide what you are seeking. You can also order CDs from the LDS website, the ID numbers are included with the information I've inserted.

Debbie Halinen Santelli
Tacoma, Washington USA

10-10-04, 23:33
Wau, thanks a lot to both of you for your help !!!


11-10-04, 07:47
Christer, we have good news! Gail Blomberg Rapoza called me tonight. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, her father is still alive and he is of Swedish Finn descent.

She explained that Viktor Brandt had twin daughters, Jenny and Ingrid. Gail's 3rd cousin once removed, Arvid Björses, married Jenny. She died, and then Arvid married Ingrid!!

After hearing a few details, I asked for her email address, and I will forward Gail's email address to you privately. Gail is a member of the Swedish Finn Historical Society, and it seems that she is happy to share any information she has with you.

Good luck with your search!


11-10-04, 20:39
Nice! I knew Gail's 3rd cousin Arvid Björses well as he was my neighbour in Lappfjärd! Arvid wifes were my grand mother- Anni's-sisters....