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Lorene Schertzl
10-10-04, 23:55
I have the following objects with surnames in my possession . They are mostly pictures from my grandmother's trunk.

Aho, John and Amanda? Had daughter Bertha and a son. Several pictures.
Dixon picture of family addressed to Mrs. Hanna Dixon Virginia, Minnesota
Granland or Greanland picture of Man dated November 22, 1941
Helsberg,G. 3 Norwood Ct, 1912 sent from Rockport picture of family
Hendrickson, Anna and Mary Lunen (Hendrickson) picture, probably Idaho
Hendrickson, Elvera Wallace, Idaho
Hietala, Sylvi 1951 picture one woman. Could be related to Tuomivirta
Huhtala Jacob and Hanna Huhtala with children Elsie and Walter and unknown man.
Huhtala, Hilma handwritten postcard
Hill, possibly Alma Mrs. & Hanna Beck picture in folder. Probably Superior, Wisconsin
Koski, Armi, picture of small girl
Karhu Hilda, picture of grave 1932 Wallace, Idaho
Kallio, Lempi and Maria Tuomivirta 1951
Kallio, Ethel and family 1922 picture
Kallio children?
Luoto, Mrs. (sp?) Superior, Wisconsin
Mattson, Walter, picture folder embossed on back "Harvard"
Maki, Danny, son of Stella Maki
Moilanen, Arthur, World War I soldier picture with two women. Mrs. Olga Moilanen October 18, 1918 written on back. Also has number 2700172 or 270 C172 after his name.
Mannenin, Mrs. & Impi?
Mannenin, Viola & Rolson, Lorraine, Superior, Wisconsin
Mieltinen,?erlsburg, Emily & Hildegard ?. Picture of three girls in native dress or dance costumes. Names written on skirts but hard to read.
Nummilen, Mr. and Mrs. Kalle and Bruno, Superior, Wisconsin
Orville, John from Maple, Wisconsin
Orval, Francis, possibly related to Tuomivirta
Orval, Mavis Irene, 6 months
Ojala, John, picture of family Puritan, Michigan this card addressed to John Ojala
Orville, Richard 11 years old August 18, 1940
Orava, John, New Year's postcard with his picture.
Orava, Mrs. Hanna taken August 18, 1940, Wentworth, Wisconsin?
Pudas, Paul, sailor in uniform.
Spangle, George, picture of baby ordered by George Spangle
Seppa, Annie with my grandmother Hannah Beck and my cousin
Saari, Lilia Niemi Saari's son
Seppa, John, Red Granite, Wisconsin
Seppa, Pappa, picture with two men probably Pappa and John Seppa
Saari, John addressed to Esther Saari, Heinola?, taken in Hancock Michigan
Seppa, John, Annie Seppa's husband
Seppa, Annie with my grandmother and cousin
Spangle, George and wife taken in Rockford, Illinois. He is in a World War I uniform. Mrs. and Private George Spangle taken October 20, 1918.
Saari, John, Kolunki, Gladys and my grandmother.
Tuomivirta, Laana or Saana 1951 picture of young girl.
Tuomivirta, Maria 1951
Valmi, don't know if this is first or last name. With my mother grandmother and my grandmother's third husband Richard Beck. Probably in Michigan.
Vaataja, or Vaataji John, Houghton Michigan has a nickname but don't know what it means in English so will not write it here. Three pictures with him in them .
Wikala or Whekala, Aili with Ray Nygard and my mother Mae Isto. Taken in Superior, Wisconsin.
Weiyrynen, Kalle, could be spelled Wayrynen.

Please contact me if any of these could be some of your relatives.

Lorene Schertzl

"I Seek Dead People!"

04-12-04, 03:32
Would be very interested in Seeing the Dixon picture.

Lorene Schertzl
04-12-04, 19:52
Hellos Sue Ellen, I hope this is someone you recognize.

04-12-04, 20:46
Sorry the picture didn't turn out can you send it to my email;
sueellenborn%40yahoo.com thanks.

12-11-06, 20:58

A person is trying to get into contact with you regarding your pictures. - Tried to reach you using your email address but the one you have registered with in Finlander seems to be non operative. - Can you contact me?


12-11-06, 22:34
I could possibly recognize the picture of the man Granland (Granlund). Is it possible to send it to me?

Christian Dahlin

Lorene Schertzl
05-01-07, 00:41
Here is the photo

Lorene Schertzl
05-01-07, 00:44
Here is the photo. Many of the pictures are posted on the photo album of Genealogical Society of Finland web site