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June Pelo
13-10-04, 22:30
I have a query from someone asking what I know about Baptists in Finland - I know almost nothing about the subject. He said his grandmother established a Baptist chapel in Mona. He asked if I can refer him to any literature or websites dealing with the Baptists. Can anyone on Finlander give me some info?



Sören Ahinko
13-10-04, 22:47

I found this site:


It´s only in swedish but perhaps it´s ok?


June Pelo
13-10-04, 23:37

Thanks - I don't know if he can read Swedish, but I'll send it to him.


Margaret Rader
14-10-04, 06:56
June, see the thread "Erich Johnson" in Relative Search board "ads". Recently there was some discussion of Baptists in Finland there.

Margaret Holm Rader

14-10-04, 19:08
June, I suggest that you contact Leif-Erik Holmqvist in Jakobstad. E-mail info%40betania.fi (Jakobstads Baptistförsamling). He is working on a History of 150 years of Baptism in Finland and should know all that is worth knowing.
I have been engaged myself in some Baptist cases lately but they refer to the baptists in Vasa and Petalax, and I do not know anything about Monå.

June Pelo
14-10-04, 20:17
Margaret and Ulla, many thanks for your info. It's appreciated.


17-10-04, 01:56
Many thanks to you all for your help in my quest for information
concerning Baptists in Finland. The article in Swedish will put my "kitchen Swedish" to the test , but with an excellent Swedish/English dictionary handy, and "time on my hands", and a faithful coffee pot, all should go well.

tusen tack,

Lasare 2

Alf Blomqvist
17-10-04, 13:25
Here is some info re. baptists in Munsala, Monå from "Finlands Församlingar" database

Finska baptistsamfundet: Monå (2027) - 28 Övriga religiösa samfund
Församlingen påbörjade sin verksamhet 1.9.1892.

(Författningssamlingen 1892/23)

Started 1 September 1892.

Monica Hammarst
08-11-04, 00:11
Baptists in Monå, Munsala.

My uncle is a member in a group of researchers in Monå. They have published "A report from Monå researchers". The name of this publication is "Sendtjyvyvan".
In Sentjtyvvan you can read a lot of the history from this village, Monå. In this book you can read about when the baptismen comes to Finland and Monå. The baptistcongregation started up in Monå in Januari 1872. They have in that time 95 members.
Erik Eriksson Nygård b 1840 was the first manager in Monå. In the pulication there is a picture of him and his wife. There is also a picture of the baptistchurch
You can read a lot of thisoccurrence, but everything is in swedish.

Monica Hammarström

(Erik Eriksson Nygård is my fathers grandfather)

Carolyn Nelson
25-11-04, 02:28
June I have some cousins in Jakobstad that attend the Baptist church. My Dad and I just met them in September and since we are Baptists too wished we had had the time to go to church with them. If the person inquiring would like an email contact for my cousins I could provide that. Carolyn Nelson

June Pelo
25-11-04, 18:17
Bill (lasare2) - I hope you are reading all these messages in response to your query to me.

Thanks, Caroline, Monica and Alf.


25-11-04, 20:45
Hi June (or as Don F. would say "Hej!"

I have really appreciated all the responses to my initial query regarding Baptists in Finland, with attention on Mona. I have two helpful publications, courtesy of a relative in Menlo Park, CA who with her husband are "commuters" to Finland. The smaller publication, "Mona Baptistforsamling 100 Ar", written in Swedish, adds "spice and flavor" to names and places and photos mentioned on the Forum. Also helpful the work by Alwar Sundell, which I have mentioned before, "De Borjade", again with text and photos, helps tie together comments shared on the Forum. A real "gift", from a former Finlander living in Sollentuna, of forty pages of "Tab" organized genealogy provides names. dates and places and hopefully friends on the Forum will help provide "color" to an ortherwise "black and white" family mural.

June, perhaps you can answer this for me. I read the Swedish text aloud, understanding with my "diskbank" vocabulary, and then transliterate to English, careful to keep my good "reverse"
Dictionary handy just in case, and come away with some understanding, ready for a second approach refining my first effort.
Any sugggestions about translation software would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thanks to those of you "both sides of the Atlantic" who have really heeded Syrene's "bridge building" imperative with your contributions.


Lasare2 ( Bill Wright)

June Pelo
26-11-04, 22:52

I've never had any experience with software translating. Perhaps a Finlander member has some suggestions??


27-11-04, 01:23
Tolken99 - just type the term tolken99 into google and you will find plenty of places with a trial download of the software.
I have it and find it very useful. It's not perfect but a big big help.
It will also do German and French.