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Kaj Eriksson
15-10-04, 22:06

My 1st cousin once removed Ester Sofia Larsson born in Hitis Finland 11.5.1891 and arrived at Ellis island 23.10.1908 with S/S Baltic. After that I do not know anything of her so it would be nice to know something more about her. If anybody has her in the database I would appreciate to get some information of her.

16-10-04, 01:28
Hi Kaj,

The ships manifest for the Baltic shows Ester going to her sister Celia Larsson at Rear 119 Church Str, Newport, RI.
Celia Larson from Hittis, Finland arrived NY Oct 10, 1907 aboard
the Teutonic going to Friend Alex Erikson at the above address.
Neither girl is listed on the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 Federal census, but I did find a listing for Alex.
T 624-roll 1437, part 1, page 198 B, RI,
I also found the 1920 Rhode Island census has been made available online at RI Genweb although it has no index.

Hope this helps you,


Kaj Eriksson
16-10-04, 13:13
Hi Jeanette,

Thank you for your fast reply. I will follow up the address you gave and see if I am able to come forward in my research.

Have a nice day.

17-10-04, 02:31
Hej Kaj,
At Rootsweb Rhode Island is a really good map of Newport in 1893
click on 7 on the large map and you will see the area around where Church St can be found. (J & N)
Then back and select J for a map better showing the immediate area.
Finally click on the words Individual Plates (just below the Index Nos and above the letters) then scroll down to Plate J and click on section 4 (This is an enlarged section showing 119 Church St
(you can see the laneway beside the property leading to a dwelling at the rear of the property.
The following url would take you directly to the last image

Jeanette (with help from Chuck)

Kaj Eriksson
17-10-04, 10:38
Hi Jeanette,

Thank you again it was very interested to find the address at the old Newport map. It was nice of you to work so much to find out anything about Ester Larson I myself did not know that her sister Celia also moved to USA. I only have an information that she was married 9td Dec 1910 to Edvard Knut Ekbom but I dont know where they were married.

Once more many thanks it was a great job you did.