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16-10-04, 23:55
Hello All

This message is for everyone on the Forum, but in particular for anyone out there connected in any way with the Girl Guide/Scouting Movements, as I would like to share my day with you.

It started off very very very very early this morning (I did not even know such a time existed!) when a coach load of Trefoil Guiders (ex Guiders but by no means "past it") from Norfolk, joined about a hundred others at a school in Bedford for an International Day. The coach trip took 3 hours. And, what a great day we had.

When I originally intended sending this message I thought it would have some Swedish/Finn connections, because some craft activities along those lines were on the itinerary and also a traditional Scandinavian dance. However, somewhere along the line unfortunately those events got cancelled and most of the activities, talks, videos, crafts etc. revolved around Khazakstan and Russia, which I found extremely interesting but with a slight tinge of disappointment that I didn`t get to make my Swedish Christmas Bauble. But you ought to see my Faberge Egg and my Matrioshka Doll - they are a sight to behold!! Rather pathetic attempts to be honest.

However, lunch was still a smorgassbord!!! So Sweden/Finland weren`t completely forgotten. Plus, the usual sing-song to end the afternoon included a Swedish Guiding song.

A really great day, which before I head off to bed to catch up on the missed sleep this morning, I just wanted to share it with anyone out there who has Guiding connections. There must be some of you on Finlander, so how about making this a great Guiding friendship thread....

By the way, I was a Brownie Guider and Rainbow Guider before I "retired" and continued my Guiding connections through the Trefoil Guild.

:) ;) :D :cool:

Karen Douglas
17-10-04, 00:09
Hi Gwenda,

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I would like to know more about the Swedish Christmas Bauble you mentioned. Can you describe this, or perhaps tell us how to make one? I am very interested in Scandinavian crafts. Thanks!

(a former Brownie Scout, Girl Scout - and former leader to both!)

Karen Norwillo
17-10-04, 01:11
I, too am a former Girl Scout and leader and have many fond memories of scouting. I envy you your day. It's been many years since I sat around a campfire and sang scouting songs. Karen from Pennsylvania

17-10-04, 12:02
Hi Karen Douglas and Karen Norwillo

Thanks for replying with your Scouting/Guiding connections. Sorry, I forgot in my sleepy state last night that they are "Girl Scouts" in the US. Lovely to hear from you both and hope there will be quite a few others with Scouting/Guiding connections, World Wide, present or past, who will get in touch.

Karen Douglas - to answer your question re the Swedish Christmas Bauble. I am afraid there wasn`t one on display and no instructions for one. However, I do remember talking to someone yesterday who said that she has made one of the baubles at a previous event, so will contact her and see if she can let me know how to make them and will pass the info on to you. I imagine they start off with a polystyrene ball and are decorated in some way with ribbons etc., but I am only guessing!

Karen Norwillo - I also have many happy memories of campfires, although there wasn`t one at the event yesterday, as it was an indoor event. The last one I went to was last year when one of the other Trefoil Guilds invited our Guild - great fun, even if I did manage to burn my sausages on the outside and not cook them on the inside! The one before that I got into an awful sticky mess stuffing bananas with chocolate!

Do you have Trefoil Guilds (for ex-Guiders/Scouters) in the US?

Yours in Guiding


Shirley King
11-11-04, 08:33
I am also involved in Scouting. I am a leader of Junior Scouts (10-12 yr. olds), former Brownie leader and future Cadett leader! I will be involved in Scouting as long as my girls are interested, but it really is MY passion. I was never a girl scout as a child, so I guess I am living it through my girls. Next February I am organizing for our World Thinking Day. We are having an International Cuisine Potluck dinner. Try as I might to get my troop to pick Finland as their country of interest, they picked Australia instead.:(
I am always interested in Girl Guides from different countries. What a wonderful program for girls (and adults too)!:D

11-11-04, 17:55
Thanks for replying. Sorry you couldn`t convince your Troop to go for the Finnish theme, but must admit I was rather pleased that they picked the Australian one, because that`s where I come from!! If you need any help with your planning for Thinking Day, just ask. I`m not sure just how much help I could be food-wise though if you are talking "main courses" - not sure just how many kangaroos, emus and crocodiles there are in your area!! But can give you some recipes for Anzac biscuits and lamingtons etc. on the cookie/biscuit line.

Like you, I was never a Brownie or Guide as a girl. I got hijacked into being a parent helper originally and it just all went on from there.


11-11-04, 18:05
Jeannette's from Oz so maybe she can offer some advice.

Shirley King
12-11-04, 03:27
Gwenda this is great! I want my troop of 12 girls to learn all they can about the country of Australia. Too many times they learn a few facts for just the one time of the year, Thinking Day, and then let it go. WAGGS has a program where the girls can be e-mail pen pals which I think would be just great too! I am sure I will be contacting you with many questions. Jeanette too if I can find her!lol;)