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19-10-04, 22:54
Hi All

My interests are Sweden, Finland and Norway. My mother Astrid was born in Gavle (Bomhus) Gavleborg Sweden. She came to America in 1910 with her parents and settled in Seattle. Her Father was Karl Christierson (born in Stromsbro)and her Mother was Helena Gustafson(born in Hamrange). Karl's mother Lisa Greta Gustafsdotter Dahlsten was born in Ylistaro Vaasa, Finland. Her parents were Gustaf Dahlsten (born in Nurmo) and Greta Johansdotter Klappala, and her grandmother's name was Susannah Klappala. I am interested in learning more about the area of Finland that these people were from and any information that anyone might have on the Dahlsten and Klappala families. My grandfather Karl Christierson's father Johan was a seaman and traveled back and forth across the Gulf of Bothnia. I visited Sweden with my mother when I was a child and met many of her relatives. I have never been to Finland and know very little about my Finnish family. My father's mother's family came to America after the Civil War circa 1865. They were from Troms and Nordland, in northern Norway.

Joanne in Seattle

20-10-04, 19:05
Hi Joanne!
I have quite a few Dahlstens from Ylistaro and neighbouring parishes in my database but I don´t think they are related to your family. Dahlsten was a soldier name, adopted by men when recruited to the army. This means that the families bearing this name are not always related, even when coming from the same parish. Is your Lisa Greta the one born to crofter Gustaf Dahlsten (Klappala) and Greta Jacobsdotter, 24 in Ylistaro, Topparla village, Plöcki house 2nd Feb 1844?
See http://www.ylistaro.fi/Default.aspx?page_id=36&category_id=7 and http://www.nurmo.fi/ ( in Finnish only) for information regarding the area your ancestors came from.

21-10-04, 18:45
Lisa Greta was born February 2 1944. Her father was a tenant farmer and a carpenter. Do you have any other information about her or her family?