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20-10-04, 16:54
Do anyone have some ides of the family.
Have anyone of the children family.
The second name Smeds or Smith ???
Berg, Maria Augusta Johan-Eriksdotter.
Born 23/8 1878 in Rangsby Närpes.
Died in USA.

Father Berg, Johan Erik Mattsson.
Born 12/12 1854 in Rangsby Närpes.
Died 5/6 1914 in Rangsby Närpes.
Mother Skomars, Maria Gabrielsdotter.
Born 4/12 1848 in Norrnäs Närpes.
Married to
Smeds, Erik Henrik Henriksson.
Farmare i USA.
Born 29/8 1876 in Norrnäs Närpes.
Child Smeds, Erik Herold.
Born 23/4 1903.
Died 3/9 1927 in New Yourk USA.
Smeds, Maria Linnea.
Born 25/3 1906 in Duluth Minn. USA.
Smeds, Theodor Leonard.
Born 11/8 1908 in Duluth Minn. USA.
Smeds, Lyli Gullborg.
Born 18/9 1912 in Duluth Minn. USA.
Smeds, Lea Gertrud.
Born 6/1 1915 in Duluth Minn. USA.

Henrik Mangs
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21-10-04, 02:40
I've posted a list on Delphi of members in the West Duluth temperence lodge around 1907. In that you'll find one wife whose maiden name was Smith, and she was born in Wisconsin. Lots of Swedish Finns who worked in Duluth lived just across the bridge around Superior Wisconsin. She might be your Smith family? Use the Find box to type in Duluth. It will take you to the Lodge list.

23-10-04, 21:47
Hi Henrik,
I tried searching the census records for these people but could not locate them. I'll keep trying and see if I can find them.

24-10-04, 01:36
I just went through the membership around 1917 in Superior Lodge, Wisconsin, right across the bridge from Duluth. There was no one from Rangsby, Närpes.

24-10-04, 01:43
I began to wonder if the Lily Smith could by the daughter LILI GULLBORG? See below. These were all the Smiths in Superior Wisconsin. The husbands (both Smith) were evidently not members. So their birthplace, if it was Rangsby, isn't listed. But if you can connect with families of Ventos or Åstrand, they may know something more. ??
Mrs. Leander Smith (Maria Ventos), Kallesby, Gamlakarleby.
Edgar Smith (son of Mrs. Smith.)
Mrs. Viktor Smith (Brita Johanna Åstrand), Pårasby, Kronoby.
Elna Smith (daughter of Mrs. Smith.)
Lily Smith “


June Pelo
24-10-04, 02:00

Mrs. Leander Smith was Maria Matilda Mattsdotter Ventus, b. 18 Nov 1853 in Karleby, d. 1937, married 1882 to Leander Johansson Kaino, b. 16 Jun 1859 in Nedervetil. They had 4 children.

Mrs. Viktor Smith was Brita Johanna Mattsdotter Åstrand, b. 18 Jan 1879, Kronoby, married 1897 in Nedervetil to Viktor Abrahamsson Bastubacka - Smith, b. 6 Feb 1877 in Nedervetil. To US 1899, a saloon keeper. At time of death he was a fisherman living on Minnesota Point. He is related to Cheryl Marlin and Gertrude Levings (in Superior, WI). Viktor had a daughter Elna who died in Superior and a daughter Elin who died in Mystic, CT. I didn't see a daughter Lily listed.

I looked through my Smeds names and the only one I found was Linnea Smeds, married to Lars Arne Lennart Isaksson Malm from Malax.


24-10-04, 02:07
Hi June,
As part of the article I was hoping to get a little background on some of the members over the years in the two lodges. Is your information because you're related or???
May I send you additional names via your personal email, and see if you have background on any others?

June Pelo
24-10-04, 02:08
I forgot to mention that I was contacted by Börje Prest in Finland, who is looking for data on his relative Arvid Smeds/Smith who lived in Oregon. He had a son Dean Smith. Arvid was married to Alice Selin from Karleby. Arvid d. 1951 and his wife died 1980 in North Bend, OR.


June Pelo
24-10-04, 19:20

Yes, you can send some names and I'll see if I have anything on them. I had that Smith data because both Cheryl and Gertrude (oops, I should say Gretchen) had contacted me for help and shared their data with me.