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21-10-04, 03:27
I have seen threads for the surname Ryss and that's made me think of an uncle's family who had the surname Rysso.

I can't find the Rysso name except on the mormon site and I recognize several of those people from the social security list.

I am wondering if Rysso as a surname came when somebody named Ryss decided to Americanize the family name.

I have to add that I don't have information about where the Rysso branch of the family originated but I believe it was in the UP.


Kaj Granlund
22-10-04, 10:17
If they are swedish speaking they could be from Munsala or Jeppo, then there are farm/villagenames beginning with Ryss- also in Oravais, in Saltvik and Borgå, and in many finnish parishes too. A search at Hiski beginning with Ryss gives a long list of places.

Karen Norwillo
22-10-04, 18:47
Chuck, Checking Ancestry.com, there were lots of entries for Rysso in Ishpeming, Marquette, MI. I found several in the 1930 Census, SSDI and the Michigan Death Index. Strangely, I couldn't find these same people on the 1920 Census. In 1930 Michael, Reuben, Robert and Elsie Rysso, all minor children, were living in the household of Samuel and Mary Nirva. They are listed as brothers and sister-in-law of the head. They were on Johnston St. in Ishpeming. They were 16, 14, 12 and 8. Samuel was born in Finland, all others in MI with parents from Finland. Karen

22-10-04, 20:39
Hi Karen,
I found a group of Rysso people on the social security deaths list at the mormon place. Leonard was an uncle and Arnold his brother and Martha Leonard's former wife and one of my aunts.

At least your info gives more credence to their being Finns.

I think I'll go over to Swenson soon and check out the 1920 census. Misspellings abound there.

And thanks Kaj for the email about Ryssö, Ryssä and Rysse possibilities.



01-11-04, 16:03
I had a classmate named Ronald Rysso, we graduated in 1955 from the Ishpeming High School, he lives in Grayling, Michigan now, I don't know if he has an e-mail address, but, I'm sure he could be reached by phone if anyone wants to ask him questions about his ancestors.

01-11-04, 16:15
I think the name Ryss would be pronounced almost like Rooss in Finnish. Yesterday a friend mentioned their familyy book is called Roos av Hjälmsäter, and the family is nobility from Värmland Sweden. Does anyone here know of any connections with Sweden? I'll be glad to look up the book at Nordic Heritage Museum if it will help.

01-11-04, 18:42
I saw some Rysso ppl during a google search.

As to Roos and Roose, maybe an Americanized spelling, I did found some of those people in my UP dbase.

At Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran
40u Carl Roos Jan 6 1889 Närpes unk S 21-6
40u Signe Alina Roos May 4 1900 Närpes unk S 21-6

At Swenson 235 = Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran

61h William Albert Roose May 24 1868 Gamlakarleby unk 235

Perhaps these ppl fit for the Roos quests elsewhere on this forum
Chuck :)

M. Waters
08-11-04, 15:28
About the Roos name, and also Roose: there are about 20 of these names in the Marquette/Houghton area phone book for this year. If you want more information, e-mail me.

About the Grace Lutheran Church of Ironwood MI that was mentioned; that church is not active anymore. Midge, Negaunee.

Jaska Sarell
08-11-04, 16:47
Originally posted by syrene
... Yesterday a friend mentioned their familyy book is called Roos av Hjälmsäter, and the family is nobility from Värmland Sweden...

Hi Syrene,

Just happen to descend from Roos af Hjälmsäter :cool:
But somehow I'm more interested in researching bonde and torpare ancestors...
Though having some "blue blood" makes medieval history more interesting, when you realize that your own ancestors fought around Europe.

:) Jaska

08-11-04, 17:55
Finding these links across oceans always makes me smile with pleasure. I would never have guessed that this member of my Lutheran congregation had any Swedish blood. She's in her 80's and married to a wonderful man from France, who's related to Huguenots (Vallons?) with a family chalet still in use! I hadn't realized that either until we began talking family blood lines one day. And to think she's related to one of my Finlander friends!


June Pelo
08-11-04, 18:07
There is a Jarl Roos living in Pensala who is a member of the SFHS.

The book "Befolkning i Jakobstad" mentions Grels Ryss, a toll inspector in Nykarleby in the 1600s. The book also contains 9 Roos names.


08-11-04, 19:05
So does anyone have any ideas about when that name arrived in Finland, and from where? Do any of the published resources name a route?

Jaska Sarell
08-11-04, 19:41
At least the name Roos was very popular soldier name around the country (looked in HisKi for surname Roos and profession sol*). Thus there are many unrelated Roos families.
One of my researcher friends searches all of the Roos names - his mother descends from a gipsy named Roos! The origin still unknown and may remain so...

:) Jaska

08-11-04, 20:10
It can be hard to get to the true origin of a name, and spelling (and pronouncing) varies over time and from region to region. But I prefer the simple explanations until someone proves them wrong, because they are the most probable.

I don't have any facts about this, but the most natural explanation for Roos is that it means a rose. Soldiers where named by their superiors and they preferred short names that were'nt easily mixed up with others to avoid confusion.

Nature was one source for these names: Roos, Blom, Lind, Björk, Palm et.c.

The most probable meaning of Ryss/Rysse is Russian There could be an ancestor who came from Russia. The same logic could apply to the names Tysk, Svensk and Fransman.

This namegiving mechanism works still today. I have a childhood friend who sailed on a Norwegian ship with a multinationa crew, mostly Spaniards, Norwegians, and Swedes. He was the only one from Finland aboard, and surely enough, they called him "Finland".


June Pelo
08-11-04, 22:40
Sukuhakemisto- Släktregister, Family Index has these listings:

Ryss: Hugo Lagström "Några Nykarleby borgarsläkter före stora ofreden.

Ryss: Granit-Ilmoniemi, Eeli & Ilmoniemi, Arvi Sakari Topeliuksen esivanhemmat.

Ryssy: Polvesta polveen - yhdistyksen jäsenten espipolvitauluja. - Sukuset 1985:5.

Roos: Many listings, including some references to Nykarleby and Jakobstad. I noticed Gustaf Elgenstierna and Tor Carpelan also referenced under Roos.

In "Vem forskar vad?" Aili Niemistö of Helsinki lists: Kortesniemi, Ryssy Nurmo.


Karen Monson
20-11-04, 03:15
My paternal grandfather was Anders August Jonasson Ryss, born February 13, 1870 in Solf, Finland. He apparently changed his name to August Johnson when he immigrated to the U.S. (First worked in the mines in Ramsay, Michigan.)
I find that the name of earlier ancestors was Ryssas.
I would be interested to know how you pronounce the name Ryss. Is it like "Rice" or "Reese" in English, or something totally different?

I have been seeking information on my grandfather's half-brother Johan Erik Jonasson Ryss, born October 05, 1849 in Solf, and his wife Albertina Wahlstedt, born August 13, 1842, in Korsholm and their children, Christina Sofia, born April 23, 1875 in Sundsvall, Sweden, Anna Lovisa, born August 15, 1878 in Solf. Records indicate the family immigrated to the U.S. in 1888. I have not been able to locate this family. Perhaps they changed Ryss to some other surname.
Karen (Johnson) Monson

Kaj Granlund
20-11-04, 09:14
To explain the pronounication of Ryss will be rather difficult cause the sound of R and Y in swedish are different to Yours. The R is frontal R made with the tip of the tongue. The closest I can come to the Y is that it sounds like "Riss", but still it isn't correct. Well, just say that "I" and then push both cheeks a little forward with your hands. Then You will hear a change of the sound. That is very close to the "Y".

Suppose you also checked the halfbrother under the name Johnson and Jonson, that would be rather close to Jonasson.

Karen Monson
22-11-04, 02:11
Thank you for explaining the pronunciation of the name Ryss.

I have tried to locate the immigration records for my paternal grandfather, Anders August Jonasson Ryss (took the name August Johnson in the U.S.), but have not been able to find anything. I think that he immigrated about 1892, but I don't think Finland has records available from that early time period. Perhaps I am wrong. I don't know if he could have immigrated through Sweden, or Germany or something like that.

His half-brother, Johan Erik Jonasson Ryss, and his wife Albertina Wahlstedt - I know even less about. Johan Erik may have immigrated first, and then his family later. Maybe I should try to locate him through his wife's name. The hard part is that I don't know what surname they used when they immigrated.

I appreciate your interest and your reply.

Karen Monson

23-01-05, 03:42
Jeanette pointed me to finngen and this is the query there:
"I am seeking information about Charles and Wilhelmina Kujansuu, and their
daughter Martha. Martha was born in Gwinn, Marquette Co., MI in 1907, and
married my uncle, Leonard Rysso, in 1931 in Waukegon, IL. They divorced several
years later, and although Martha is still living, she has no memory of her
family that she is willing to share.

I have not been able to locate the family in the 1930 Illinois census,
although I have found siblings of Leonard in Chicago and Ishpeming, MI. Any help
is appreciated. I would like to know birth/death information on Charles and
Wilhelmina, and if they had other children.

Thank you.

Ernie Rysso (from the Ryssy farm in Nurmo, Finland)

So maybe I shall hear from cousin Ernie tonight! Wow! a relative of mine :)
Cool, eh?

23-01-05, 16:58
I found the following Ryss name on emigrant records:
Name Arrival Date Estimated Birth Year Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Destination Ship Name View Image Save This

Abraham Ryss 27 Sep 1887 1861 Male Bremen, Germany United States of America New York Elbe
Anna Ryss 23 May 1891 1862 Female Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Finland United States of America Werra
Esadres Ryss 29 Sep 1891 1861 Male Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Finland New York Ems
Gust Ryss 2 Mar 1887 1863 Male Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland United States of America Gallia
Jno Ryss 24 Dec 1891 1872 Male Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland Russia New York Majestic
Joahn Ryss 17 Jun 1882 1849 Male Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland Finland United States of America Erin
Joh Ryss 6 Mar 1889 1850 Male Hamburg, Germany Finland New York Sorrento

Kusha Ryss 1 Jul 1890 1846 Female Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Finland United States of America Eider

New York Port, Ship Images, 1851-1891
Viewing records 1-5 of 5 matches for:

Name Arrival Date Age Port of Departure Ship Name View Image Save This

Abraham Ryss 27 Sep 1887 26 Bremen Elbe
Esadres Ryss 29 Sep 1891 30 Bremen Ems
Gust Ryss 2 Mar 1887 24 Liverpool Gallia
Jno Ryss 24 Dec 1891 19 Liverpool Majestic
Kusha Ryss 1 Jul 1890 44 Bremen Eider

Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
Viewing records 1-9 of 9 matches for:

Name County Date Document Type Years Save This

Erik Alfred Ryss Hibbing 13 March 1991
Mary Ryss Hibbing 13 March 1991
Matt Ryss Hibbing 24 April 1991
Mates Ryss Hibbing 24 April 1991
Matt (Mates) Ryss Hibbing 08 July 1991
Matt Ryss Hibbing 29 July 1991
Ole Anderson Ryss Duluth 02 February 1989
Kristiina Ryss Virginia 20 June 1990
Erik Ryss Virginia 20 June 1990


24-01-05, 20:03
Hi !
I have some Ryss and Rysslin in my databas if it could helps.

25-01-05, 00:53
Hello Everybody,
Subject line shows that Rysso in America turned out to be Ryssy of Nurmo.

I have seen several on Ellis Island by that name from Nurmo.

Ernie Rysso is going to send me particulars of the Ryssy side of the family.



Karen Monson
25-01-05, 04:11
It seems like that replies are straying from the original name and ancestors that I am trying to find more information about.
The name Ryssy, or Rysso, as far as I know, have nothing to do with the name Ryss family that lived in Solf, Finland.
Perhaps a separate message request could be made for your inquires of Ryssy, etc.

25-01-05, 04:32
I started this Rysso query because I honestly wondered if the Rysso name I knew could have been some part of the Ryss surname but of course now I know that the Rysso name was formed from Ryssy and that had a connection with Nurmu parish and has no connection with Ryss which is, Karen, your interest area.

So my question was answered by way of the Finngen posting which Jeanette noticed.


25-01-05, 04:52
Ryssy: Polvesta polveen - yhdistyksen jäsenten espipolvitauluja. - Sukuset 1985:5.

Hi June,
Now your listing sticks out for me. The Finnish is quite beyond my understanding but my second cuz Ernie may find it interesting.


25-01-05, 05:07
at Swenson S 22 = Gogebic Co, Bessemer, Saron Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em. Church
32h Anders Gustaf Jonason Bäck Jul 13 1870 Mustasaari Korsholm 1871 S 22

Karen, I don't think this guy is yours but I will err on the side of caution and record it here anyway. I noticed several of your births were "13" and so is this guy but that's not why I put it here:)

I did a similar thing with another family and it turned out that a later question related to that guy so please bear with me on this:)

Kaj has told me that sometime ago the northern parishes of Alatornio and Ylitornio were originally one place and that led me to find, we believe, my father's mother who we only had on the church record as born in Alatornio but now she shows up in Ylitornio.

I have a dbase of Finnish born Upper Peninsula ppl which I used to find this guy Anders. Edit: I did not find the Ryss name in any church in the U.P. but that doesn't mean the name was not used.

25-01-05, 15:20
Ryss is a very old name in Solf but I do not know the origin of it. As far back as I know, about 1690, there was the Ryss hemman No 1 in Östersolf (sometimes called Ryssas). The houses there were built very close to each other, reminded of a city, and the place was also called "Ryssland" - according to G. Rosenholm in Solf Sockens Historia.
Now the Ryss name is history, only.

25-01-05, 15:21
Ryss is a very old name in Solf but I do not know the origin of it. As far back as I know, about 1690, there was the Ryss hemman No 1 in Östersolf (sometimes called Ryssas). The houses there were built very close to each other, reminded of a city, and the place was also called "Ryssland" - according to G. Rosenholm in Solf Sockens Historia. He did not mention anything about its origin either.
Now the Ryss name is history, only.

Karen Monson
26-01-05, 00:02
It is always good to receive information from Ulla. I was most interested in the history of the name Ryss that you wrote about.
Are any of the Ryss houses still standing in Solf, or Östersolf? Would there be any photos of any houses, or photos of the family members?
My grandfather, Anders August Jonasson Ryss (August Johnson in the U.S.) never told anyone anything about his family in Finland and it would be really wonderful to know more, and photos are really special.

Karen Monson
26-01-05, 00:21
Dear Chuck:
The name Anders Gustaf Joneson Bäck sounds similar to my grandfather, but I think he used the name August (Gust, or Gustaf) Johnson when he immigrated. I noticed that it mentions Gogebic Co., Bessemer, Saron Lutheran - I think it is Sharon Lutheran Church in Bessemer, as that is where I was baptised. My grandfather lived in that area, in Ramsay which is about a mile or two from Bessemer. There wasn't a Lutheran church in Ramsay, so everyone from Ramsay attended the church in Bessemer.
You mention a database for Finnish born U.P. people - is August Johnson, born February 13, 1870, listed? Perhaps his wife (who he married January 14, 1900 in Ramsay) Beata Sofia (or Sophia) Storm, born December 10, 1875 in Kärklax, Finland? Where did you get a database of U.P. Finnish born people?

26-01-05, 02:17
Hi Karen,
Well certainly you would know the actual name of the church as Sharon :) because you were baptized there.
Unfortunately the names you give were not on the microfilms at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in town.
The Finnish born dbase came from an idea from Syrene to have such names from Marquette County for visitors to FinnFest to see. Kevin got some census names and I decided to contribute with Marquette County names and when I had completed that, I thought, well, why stop with Marquette County so I did the entire U.P. If a person was not identified as being born in Finland, they were not included on the dbase. So it is likely that some ppl who ought to be on it are not. Kaj Granlund did it with me and obscure old parish names that I had, many different spellings, were modernized by him so that if ppl want to know where in Finland that place is, they shall find it. There are a few errors in the thing but they are mine. Eventually the dbase will appear on sfhs pages for ppl to check on their own.
I was to Swenson this morning and I checked Bessemer but just for the Ryss surname - not found in the members list nor amongst baptismal pages. Swenson's genealogist told me that only about 35% of immigrants joined a church.
I could give Bessemer another look next time I am down there and see if they are listed. I have been known to make mistakes before as members of this forum have seen:)


26-01-05, 20:16
Hi Karen,
Check the attached image of the first page of the protokol bok and Saron is there. It must have been changed sometime later on.

August Johnson and his wife were indeed married there on Jan 14, 1900 but they were not members so nothing further.

However, if you would like to have Swenson genealogists do a better search, you may contact them on the website given below: