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21-10-04, 17:23
Hei Hei all,
After a long hiatus I'm working on my Finnish family from the Gamlakarleby region of Ostrobothnia. A lift of the lynch lid to June Pelo for her friendly help, but after receiving an extract from Gamlakarleby svenska I learned that we weren't related. Apparently, it's beginning to seem that the folks I'm looking for were not prominent so info other than Ämbetsbevis för släktfoskning is very hard to come by for these families. Insofar as the surnames above they ARE documented through the Gamlakarleby parish. If anyone might have some insight on how better to proceed with my research through other venues or methods I sure would be grateful.

Hasse Andtbacka
21-10-04, 20:55

I have Anna Johansdr Store, b. 22.8.1793 in my database. Her father was Johan Eriksson Store Lassila, b. 15.9.1758 in Kälviä, d. 15.3.1850 in Karleby. Anna's mother was Anna Mattsdr Store, b. 14.5.1762, d. 27.12.1823.

See Jakob Carlsson Saari's ahnentafel attached.

Hasse Andtbacka

22-10-04, 00:58
Hej Hej
Sir, it looks as though we have a match!
Would you happen to have backup material such as Ämbetsbevis för släktfoskning Gamlakarleby svenska?
The reason I ask is that The wonderful genealogist June Pelo contacted me over a year ago with an apparent match. Serendipitious as it was after I wrote to the Gamlakarleby svenska for birth record extracts I learned that this was not the case. I'm sorry to say I only have Family Tree Maker ver. 9 so I cannot provide a conventional tree in this forum.
The following is a representation of decendants from Anna Store to myself;

Jacob Carlsson Saari
b.01 Dec. 1797
Anna Jhansdr. Store
b. 22 Aug. 1793
child: Gustaf Jacobsson Saari
b. 21 Jul. 1824 in Karleby

Gustaf Jacobsson Saari
Maja Lisa Johansdr. Indola
b. 09 Dec. 1826 in Karleby
child: Otto A. Gustafsson
b. 21 Jan. 1864 in Karleby

Otto A. Gustafsson
Laura Anna Blaine
b. 18 Sep. 1870 in Oakland, Oregon USA
child: Thomas Jefferson Gustafsson
b. 19 Jul 1892 in Coos Bay, Oregon USA

Thomas Jefferson Gustafsson
Cecilia Louise Wehsela
b. 1889 in Dean Creek, Oregon USA
child: Thomas Dean Gustafsson
b. 09 Nov. 1918 in North Bend, Oregon USA

Thomas Dean Gustafsson
Alice May Dunbar
b. 31 May 1921 in San Francisco, Calif. USA
child: Leo Victor Gustafsson (myslef)
b. 22 Mar. 1962

Leo Victor Gustafsson
Kimiko Harada-Gustafsson
b. 29 Oct. 1962

Tree available online at; (Java 2 Platform)

09-02-05, 14:10
Hi! :D
I´ve just found this forum, and at first I find relatives to my son and husband.
Carl Hansson Saari are ff fm mf ff to my son.
They are relatives to Carls son Hans Carlsson Saari.

I´ve information about Brita Eriksdr death if it´s intresting to you.

Thanks Hasse Andtbacka for the information in your attached file.

K-G Molander
10-02-05, 02:16

Check out below link. It contains ower 250 pages in PDF (936 kb)about the Saari family.


10-02-05, 09:41
Originally posted by Turbogus
...I'm sorry to say I only have Family Tree Maker ver. 9 so I cannot provide a conventional tree in this forum...

FTM should be capable of exporting a gedcom file! Just send it to me and I will enter it into Talko.