View Full Version : What is the best route to Finland?

22-10-04, 19:46
Now that we're finally in Great Britain and all that closer to my "small cousins" in Finland, I need to plan our trip from GB to Finland for next summer.

We will be leaving GB in the third week of July.

Can someone suggest the best route/means of travel between GB and Finland? Our family of 4 has not been in Finland before so it is all new to us. We would appreciate any recommendations.

23-10-04, 09:47
Hi Clare!

The best route to Finland depends on your plans...are you going to travel by car or fly?
If you want to drive, the easiest way is by ferry from Newcastle to Gothenburg, Sweden. The sealine is operated by DFDS, see http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/dfdsseaways/en. You can drive through Sweden in less than a day and take a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki or Turku, ship companies are Viking Line http://www.vikingline.fi/index.asp?lang=en and Silja Line www.silja.fi. The sea route from Stockholm to Finland is very beautiful, worth a trip as itself.
You could, of course, cross the channel and drive through France/the Netherlands and Germany. There are ferries from Rostock or Lübeck to Finland, f.ex. www.superfast.com. You can also drive through Denmark and Sweden and cross from Stockholm to Helsinki.
If you are flying, the cheapest company is Ryanair from London Stansted to Tampere every day. It is really cheap but very basic. If you are going to book a trip with Ryanair, read the terms and conditions carefully. I have never had any problems but have heard sad stories of missed flight connections etc. See www.ryanair.com
Finnair and British Airways ( and possibly other companies ) are flying to Helsinki from Heathrow.

We had a holiday in Ireland last summer and checked the options pretty thoroughly. Our family of five decided to fly with Ryanair from Tampere ( where we live ) and rent a car in Ireland. We are, at the moment, considering a holiday in England next summer and if we are going, will probably fly and rent again. The ferries are pretty expensive and slow. But, you can take a lot more baggage and see several countries during the drive. The roads are excellent and fast, especially in Germany.