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14-09-03, 16:34
My great-grandfather, Frans Gustaf Hjalmar Bastman, was born 22 Nov 1875 in Kotka, Finland.
Is that a parish?
He emigrated to the United States in 1902, where the immigration officials spelled his name incorrectly and he was John Backman after that, living in New York City, Minnesota and Wakefield, Michigan where he died in 1930.
He married Wilhemina Koskela who was from Lappajarvi, Vaasan(?), Finland. She spoke Finnish.
He had a sister, Ingrid. I'm not sure if she stayed in Finland or moved to America also.
I would love to find out more about his life in Finland and anything about his family there.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I'm very new at this but promise to help others after I get this all figured out!

Re: Bastman Family from Kotka by newsprite

Look www.migrationinstitute.fi/migration/Pl (http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/migration/Pl)
www.genealogia.fi/indexe.htm (http://www.genealogia.fi/indexe.htm)
(near Kotka town) Look www.kotka.fi (http://www.kotka.fi)