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23-10-04, 06:26
Please forgive me, I am very new to all of this but really need some help. I have been trying to find and research my history in Finland. It appears once they came to the US, the name changed. It was Stopsen, and now I find other records that are Stopson and now Gikiere has come up along with Jokinen.... I am very confused about this "name war" that I have read so much about. The last information that was shared with me was this...

First names Arvid
Age or age group 35
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination New York
State of destination NY
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 263
Ship from Finland Titania
Date of departure from Finland 07.01.1914
Ship from England Cedric
Date of departure from England 15.01.1914
Ocean Line White Star Line
Port of departure in England Liverpool
List and page 98/28
Remarks Vaasa!

I think he must have been a Swedish speaking Finn. But that isn't for sure by any means.... I am not even really sure what to do with this information. I aslo think that once he arrived in US, he and his brothers split and the "Stopsen" side doesn't know about us, the Stopson's. I know he was married twice (first wife died shorty after arriving here of illness) and he had children by both.
If anyone can give me some hints I would be very greatful. I have found my Grandfather and he still speaks Finnish and living here in the US. It is his father that was married twice that splits things up. I am a 32 year old single mother of 2 and really want to help my father and grandfather answer some long ago questions. Hopefully i will start to uncover many soon.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at jstopson%40cableone.net

Any suggestions would be great!!

23-10-04, 18:54
Hi Joy,
Have you seen this record of Arvid Stopsen arriving in Ellis Island? Something's not quite right as it says he arrived 1.24.1914 but the actual manifest is dated 1.15.1913.

The attached is a composite of the Ellis Island record. Arvid's info appears in the center of each section of the image.

It says he was from "Waasa" and he listed his Finland relative as "Wife Hilda Stopsen, Martin Talo, Palosaari Waasa". He was traveling to Clarksburg, WV to his brother, "Reinhold Stopsen, 106 Brown St Malley Hill, Clarksburg".

It shows he was 5' 7" tall and was born in Urjala. I also included the text version of his arrival record.

I would try writing to the Urjala parish, possibly, to see if they could provide you with his family information. His age is listed as 35 so you can determine his birth year from that.

By the way, it also mentions that he had traveled to the US previously, 1906-1910 to Ohio Odelia(?)

Hope this helps!

23-10-04, 18:55
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23-10-04, 19:07
I went back to Ellis Island website ( www.ellisisland.org ) to look for Arvid's earlier arrival record but it was not there.

I did find a record for a Fanni Stopsen (listed on Ellis Island as Francis). She arrived 6.29.1906 and was from Urjala. She was 21 and traveling to her sister, Jenny Storholm in Rock Springs, Wyoming (?)

23-10-04, 19:09
Sorry, forgot to attach this image. It's a map of the parish of Urjala. It may give you an idea of the area of Finland where Urjala is located.

Karen Norwillo
23-10-04, 19:43
Joy, I found a Rudolph Stopsen on the 1930 Census and on the Washinton Death Index. He was born 26 Nov 1904 in Finland and died 27 May 1989 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, WA at age 84. On the 1930 census he is 25, single, a logger living in the home of Alfred and Mary Sjoblom in Grays Harbor. He is listed as a nephew. There is also a listing for a Yerda Stopsen who died 22 Mar 1993 in Hoquiam and an Infant Stopsen who died 9 Dec 1948 at age 2, female. I also found a Fanny Lydia Stopsen born 28 Apr 1883 in Urjala, Finland , married to an Isac Rautiainen. This was on Ancestry World Tree. It also lists Arvid Stopsen as the father of Rudy Stopsen, no mother given.There were 10 Stopsens listed in the 2000 phone directory for WA most in Aberdeen, Hoquiam. Hope this helps, Karen Welcome to the site.

23-10-04, 20:13
from the Mormon website, www.familysearch.org :


Birth: 28 APR 1883 Urjala, Hame, Finland

Death: 29 MAY 1950



01-01-05, 11:28
Rudolph Stopsen was my grandfather he came to this country at the age of 12 to work in a loging camp in Rochester/Oakville Washington.

Father: Arvid Richard Stopsen born in Finland 6-6-1877, died in Rock Springs Colorado in 1948.
Mother: Hilda Sofia (Sophie) Ronu (Ronn) born on 4-21-1880 in Finland

Son: Rudolf Richard Stopsen (Rudy) born 11-26-1904 in Vasa Finland. Rudy immigrated to the USA from Christina, Norway arriving in New York in later part of March 1916 at the age of 12. He sailed aboard the Oscar II vessel and received his US citizenship papers on 3-7-1961. Rudy passed away on 5-27-1989 in Hoquiam Washington and is buried at Fern Hill Cemetery in Aberdeen Washington.