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25-10-04, 18:37
My Husband, maybe my son and myself are tenatively planning a trip to Finland next summer. He is leaving the itinerary up to me.
I have many places in Finland that my family was from, Kelviä, Rantsila, Kuusamo and Temmes. He would like to go to Kauhava
as he mentioned a knife festival he would like to attend.
Any suggestions as to mode of travel ? Would renting a car be the best option? I am open to any suggestions and welcome
advice from those who have been there.

25-10-04, 18:47
Dear Alicia,
We rent a car when traveling in Finland, because we also have a lot of different places we like to visit. Don has discovered we save as much as $500 if we rent in Stockholm,Sweden, rather than in Finland. It must be the added taxes. We land in Arlanda, outside of Stockholm, walk to the free car hire shuttle bus stop outisde the entrace to the air terminal, pick up the car at the car rental lot, drive to Stockholm and as on the 2004 trip drive directly to the ferry terminal. Get on the Turku ferry or the Helsinki ferry leaving in the evening. The ferry offers cabin accomodations, which is about equivalent to a hotel stay. We enjoy a good meal, and the duty free shopping. Arrive in Finland early next morning, ready to go anywhere! On the return trip, it's just as easy. SAS hotel Radisson is right next to the car rental return. We get on the free shuttle to the airport and arrive at the terminal, ready to check in.

Needless to say, driving in Finland is a lot easier than Seattle, NO gridlock. In Helsinki and Stockholm, however, there's very little parking. Mass transit gets you around easily however. Gas is expensive. That's where your credit card comes in handy. Most gas stations are automated, or with a cashier inside.
Have a good trip!