View Full Version : This is great

Shirley King
01-09-03, 00:53
I am sure I will use this site alot! I need all the first aid I can get when it comes to the Swedish language!!!!

01-09-03, 09:09
As we all understand everything depends on all our joint activity. If people start visiting this forum and start participating this will work.

On the mailing list "Finlander" I saw that the general rule of thumb was in force, 80% of the members/subscribers seldom sent messages, 20 % were the active ones. Lets hope this forum will activate people to take part!

Shirley King
01-09-03, 17:41
I think the ratio of 20/80 is typical of just about anything in life. The 20% of the members must post on this site, encouraging the 80% who don't BUT I doubt we will get too many more to participate. Sure would be nice to at least get everybody to introduce themselves, however! I LOVE the e-mail announcement I got stating you had replied to my reply.:D

Gita Wiklund
01-09-03, 22:24
Hi everyone,

I promise Ill help out with translations whenever I can, as Ive done before. Sometimes its hard to find the correct words translating to english when dealing with old swedish expressions in the language, and I suppose that is one reason translation not always come promptly. Im sure most of us love to help out when we can.