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14-09-03, 16:35
Looking for info about my grandparents, Charles Fredrick and Segrid Sofia Lepisto Born in Finland and lived and died in Helsinki. My father, Arne Oswald Lepisto, did not share information with regard to his family. Any help would be very appreciated.
Charles A. Lepisto

Re: Charles Fredrick Lepisto/Segrid Sofia Elolehto (?) Lepisto by June Pelo

I saw your query on the SFHS message board about Lepisto. The Lepisto name was found in Vetil parish. Are you familiar with the HisKi project on Finngen? Vetil parish records are online and you could search them for any link to your family. If you haven't used HisKi before and want help, let me know and I can tell you how to use them. Do you belong to Finngen? If not, you could join and post your query there - lots of members live in Finland and they may have suggestions.

Karen Davies
16-09-03, 01:37
For your reference in case you come across other names, I thought I would mention that I have the family of Henric Gustaf Mattson Lepistö b. 21 Apr 1850 Veteli, and Maija Liisa Andersdr. Björkbacka b. 3 Jul 1849 Veteli. Children were Matti 1870, Maija Liisa 1872, Oskari 1874, Emil 1878, Nestori 1882, Juho Vihtori 1884, Helga Maria 1886, all born in Veteli.

June Pelo
16-09-03, 02:28
I have some data on Helga Maria Henriksdotter Lepisto, b. 1886, which was sent to me by Mike Hemming, one of her descendants. Mike used to be on Finngen - don't know if he's still online. His e-mail: hemming%40hananet.net


Karen Davies
16-09-03, 05:20
Helga Maria is listed on Mike Hemming's website at: