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26-10-04, 22:01
The period of 104 years of dressmaking in Oravais came to an end in 1988 when the parts then left of the factory were sold. Emil Höglund (1901-1973) bought Oravais Klädesfabrik in the 1960’s and it was incorporated into his ”business empire”. I came to Wiik & Höglund in 1966 as his secretary, wearing a chic Oravais dress on my first day – it was a fashion to my taste. Good quality, too. (There is no family relationship although my name is also Höglund – two quite different families).
Emil Höglund was successful in everything that he put his hand to. His company Keppo was the world’s largest producer of mink skins (including a farm in Ireland). The farming business was given up in the 1980’s. Wiik & Höglund (partner until early 1980’s Edvin Wiik) was the leading company in Finland in timber exports in 1939, before the war. In 1951 W&H went into the plastics business, and again they were world leading: the diameter of their plastics pipes was growing year by year. When I came there the diameter of 600 mm was a world sensation, in 1976 it was 1600 mm and now it is over 2 metres. The name of the companies Keppo and Wiik & Höglund is now the KWH Group. Another important business line today is Mirka, producing abrasives.

27-10-04, 04:05
Thanks, Ulla. That's really very interesting. So Oravais has had a variety of industries, not just iron foundries and sandpaper! I was impressed with the designs. Hope the designers found other jobs!