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28-10-04, 20:30

I am interested in finding information about my Great Grandmother, Lisa Greta Gustafsdotter Dahlsten. She was born in Ylistara, Vaasa Finland February 2, 1844. Her parents were Gustaf Dahlsten and Greta Jacobsdotter Klappala. I think her father was from Nurmo. Lisa Greta married Johan Gustaf Christiersson from Stromsbro Gavleborg Sweden. He was a sea captain. They settled in Gavle where my grandfather Karl was born.

Any information about this family or the area they were from would be greatly appreciated.


Joanne in Seattle

28-10-04, 20:37
Hi Joanne,
Here's the birth record from HisKi of Lisa Greta. Have you seen this?

Ylistaro - christened

Years 2.1844 - 2.1844
Father's first name: GU => Gustaf
Child's first name: LI => Elisabet, Lydia, Lisaa, Lisa Wilh n, (liten)
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

2.2.1844 4.2.1844 Topp. Plöcki Torp Gust. Dahlsten (Klappala) Greta Jacobs dr 24 Lisa Greta

28-10-04, 20:44
Here are what seem to be more siblings of Lisa Greta:
16.9.1841 19.9.1841 Topp. Plöcki Klamppala Måg. Gustaf Johanss. Greta Lisa (+ 22/10 41)
1.10.1842 2.10.1842 Topp. Plöcki Torp måg. Gustaf Dalsten (Klainas ?) Greta Joh.dr 22 Maria Lisa
2.2.1844 4.2.1844 Topp. Plöcki Torp Gust. Dahlsten (Klappala) Greta Jacobs dr 24 Lisa Greta
21.8.1846 23.8.1846 Topp. Plökki Torp Gust. Johss. Klappala Greta Jak.dr 25 Jakob
5.1.1849 7.1.1849 Topp. Plöcki Torp Gustaf Juhanp. Klappala Greta Jaakont. 25-30 Sanna Seraphia

And the parents marriage record:
15.7.1841 i Kauhava Orrenmaa Dr: Gust: Johs. Dahlsten Tp:dr Greta Jac:dr Kloppala Topp:by
original - VV: Lysn vig 7/5

According to this record, Lisa's father Gustaf, was from the Orrenmaa farm in Kauhava village (parish).

28-10-04, 20:47
Not 100% that this is your Gustaf but found this birth record in Kauhava parish records on HisKi:

5.6.1819 9.6.1819 B:de Joh. Micks: Orrenmaa Lisa Jakd:r 1793 Gustaf

Farm name/parish match what appeared in the marriage record in Ylistaro.

Hope this helps,

29-10-04, 19:24
Thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate your help. I did not have most of these information.

I have just recently started searching for information on my Finnish family roots and I have many questions about the area they were from. Were they considered Swedish Finns? Dahlsten sounds like it could be Swedish but I have never heard the name Klappala. Would its origin be the name of a place? I have never found many references to the name on the internet.

My Swedish grandmother came from Hamrange, Gavleborg. She was raised by her grandmother Helena Andersdotter after her mother died. Grandma said that her grandmother was from a place called "Finn Skogen" Would you have any idea where that would be?


30-10-04, 01:14
Finnskogen = The Finnish Woods

From 1100 AD onwards, there was migration from Finland over to Sweden and Norway, and then southwards. According to Kari Tarkiainen, PhD, in his three volume work on Finnish migration to Sweden, anyway. The Finnish Woods of Sweden was one of the many places Finnish families created agricultural communities. You may have Finnish blood within your Swedish roots as well:)

01-11-04, 22:29
By the Finnish Woods (Finnskogarna) is meant a part of Värmland i Sweden, where many finns from Savolax in Finland migrated in the 17th century. If I remember correctly they where forced to move by royal order.

They held on to their language an culture for many generations. Until a few decades ago there where still old people who spoke a very old Finnish dialect.

The Finnish heritage is recognized by many today. For instance the much loved Swedish poet Dan Andersson had Finnish Värmlandian roots.