View Full Version : Ryssä ? or maybe Rysså ?

30-10-04, 07:42
I'm still at Ellis Island and with similar spellings.
I checked with the immigration institute and they showed nobody for the spelling Rysso, Ryssä, or Rysså and yet these 2 ppl left for Minnesota to join the husband and father.

The Rysso mystery deepens. :) I also saw a guy named Dominic Rysso from Italy and if he'd been going to Upper Michigan, I'd really be interested in him but alas...


Alf Blomqvist
30-10-04, 11:29
Originally posted by granskare
Following names are found in Talko (Arne Nylund) in Nykarleby and around (former Nykarleby landskommun, Jeppo, Munsala, Oravais):

Ryss, Ryss=>Renvall, Ryss=>Jacobson, Ryss=>Hedvall, Ryss=>Björkman, Ryss or Johnson, Ryss or Lundqvist, Ryss-Sigfrids, Sigfrids-Ryss, Bro (Ryss), Enrot (Ryss), Knuts (Ryss), Rysslin, Ryssas, Ryssberg, Ryssy

30-10-04, 19:53
Thanks Alf,
So many spellings. I am sure that on my next run to the UP, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I shall try to investigate this Rysso group.