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31-10-04, 18:10
My great grandfather was Andrew Johnson Stormans
born Oct 17 1879 in Forsby,Finland.
He died Aug 30, 1953 in Rush City Minnesota.
His wife's name was Maria L Risberg Stormans
and his daughter, Nathalie was born in Tacoma,
Washington,United States in 1912.
He had a cousin Toivo Armas Tervonen
who was born 9/04/1904. Toivo Tervonen's
mother's maiden name was Stormans also.

I'm trying to find the names of Andrew Johnson Stormans
parents & family members in Finland.
Any info on related Tervonen also appreciated.
Please email me with any info!

Thank you Thank you

31-10-04, 20:23
Hello and welcome to Finlander Forum.

I checked Ellis Island site but couldn't find Andrew. I did however find someone possibly related. There is a record for Arne Stormån arriving 4.28.1911. He was from Forsby, Finland. He listed his nearest relative in Finland as Lovisa Stormån, Forsby, Bermås (sp?). He was traveling to Tacoma, Washington to uncle Henry Johnson at 1509 S. Sheridan Ave, Tacoma. Could this be a relative?

I did a quick search on Ancestry.com and found your tree so you've probably seen the census record in 1930 of Andrew. It shows he immigrated in 1901 and married a Swedish woman. His profession is listed as a Baptist Minister.

I did a google search on name Andrew Stormans and found 1 listing of his daughter.

I checked the mormon site too but unfortunately, at this time it's down for maintenance.

I'm not familiar with "Forsby" Finland so I don't know which parish to check on HisKi for any other Storman families.

Hope this helps,

31-10-04, 20:26
I mentioned the fact that he was a minister thinking maybe Chuck Maki (aka granskare) might be able to check his resources. He has access to Swedish church records here in the states. Since his wife was Swedish and he spoke Swedish there might be something about him.

Also, have you checked the Baptist Church records (website) to see if they might have information about him? It might be worth a shot.

31-10-04, 20:34
More for Chuck's benefit, I checked some more info. It seems they were in Washington around 1912, Montana around 1916 then in Duluth, Minnesota by 1930. I found he and his wife in Chicago in the 1910 census, where his immigration year is listed as 1902. At that point he is already a Baptist Minister.

Since he died in Minnesota, have you checked the Iron Range Research Center website? You could order his death certificate which would list his parents. Based on his patronymic, Johnson, I'd assume his father was Johan.

There's also the Migration Institute website that might have either his passport record or migration record on their website. It may be a pay site though I believe initial information is free.

31-10-04, 20:38
...sorry, found one more thing..... (from ancestry.com)

This is his naturalization information and it mentions the Iron Range Research Center. Contact them and order this document. It may contain the information you seek. I've ordered similar docs from them and they're very efficient.

Name: Andrew Johnson Stormans
County: Duluth
Reel: 25
Code: 62
Volume: 30
Page: 166

Several years ago, the Iron Range Research Center purchased the entire set of microfilmed Minnesota County Naturalization Records (87 counties) from the Minnesota Historical Society. Because the record set was one of the most widely used records in the Iron Range Recearch Center, it quickly became apparent that the indexes to the records were incomplete and often inaccurate. Conrad Peterzen, a Research Center volunteer, resolved to make a new comprehensive index to the entire set. His index recorded the name of each person requesting citizenship and included the following information: Spouses name, county of residence, microfilm reel reference, print volume, and page number. The index also includes records of people who were denied citizenship and those who never completed the process. The present version of the index contains all of the 87 counties and roughly over 865,000 records.
The fact that spouses are listed in the index can be especially important because before 1922, women became citizens through their husbands and did not have their own papers. This index provides the necessary information for researchers to access the original papers in the microfilm collection. The microfilmed papers contain most of the relevant genealogical information, i.e., dates and places of birth and marriage.

Note: While most of the locations refer to counties, the following names are cities in St. Louis County: Ely, Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia.

Extended Description:
To receive additional information and forms to access your ancestor's naturalization documents, please contact: Iron Range Research Center

To contact the Iron Range Research Center directly, you can write them at:

Iron Range Research CenterATTN: NaturalizationHighway 169 West, Box 392Chisholm, MN 55719-0392
Phone: (218) 254-7959

Fax: (218) 254-7971


Please include as much information as possible.

Source Information:
Peterzen, Conrad, ed. Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957 [database online]. Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.

Alf Blomqvist
31-10-04, 21:44
Originally posted by kpaavola
I'm not familiar with "Forsby" Finland so I don't know which parish to check on HisKi for any other Storman families.

Forsby, is a part of Pedersöre. There are Stormåns and Lillmåns names.

From one of the databases I have I found:

Father Anders Johan Andersson Stormåns, born 11 Jan 1838, dead 24 Apr 1913. Mother Maria Henriksdotter Niss, born 28 May 1836, dead 19 June 1912.

11 children together.

There are also a lot of information re. Tervonen

31-10-04, 22:45
Thanks so much Kevin for your help!
I'll have to check out Arne Storman
and some of the other resources you've
given me.

Thank you too sweet Alf! May I ask what database you were
searching to find the Stormans? And was there a brother

And any more info on the Tervonens please?

Huge hugs and thanks to both of you.


31-10-04, 22:58
Hi and Welcome!
The little community where his next of kin is listed is most likely Bennäs, a part of Pedersöre at the time of his emigration, I think.
Any Pedersörebor out there who know for sure? Once you have the parish, Pedersöre, you can check those church books for the family's history.

01-11-04, 04:48

Your great, great grandmother's maiden name Niss is associated with the name of Anders Niss in Alwar Sundell's, De Borjade, indicating him to have been a very active Baptist clergyman in Finland. circa 1869. Perhaps a family member.

Lasare 2

01-11-04, 05:48
I will be checking lst Swedish aka Central Baptist in Tacoma, WA, Ballard Baptist in Seattle, Wa, Bethal Baptist - Finnish-Swedish in Chicago, IL, Harris MN Fish Lake Baptist because he spent his last years at Rush City MN which is just north of Harris but without a baptist church. Swenson has 2 baptist churches in Montana, at Rothiemay and Judith Gap so I will also look there.
As to Toivo Tervonen, he was headquartered at Chisholm, MN but I do not believe I can find him at Swenson.
The Finnish gen website listed this church in Chisholm: "Chisholm - Baptist
Betfage Baptistförsamling i Chisholm
A Swedish Finn church founded Nov 25, 1906. ...Pastors: A. J. Stormans (-1931-) [Source: Silfversten 1931, p. 274-275 & 289]" Swenson does not list this church amongst their records.
The Finnish Immigration site gives these names - has somebody paid access to find out more?
Tervonen Toivo 19.02.1936
Tervonen Toivo 23.11.1904
Tervonen Toivo 01.05.1907


Alf Blomqvist
01-11-04, 10:03
Originally posted by kbrostrom
May I ask what database you were
searching to find the Stormans? And was there a brother

And any more info on the Tervonens please?

I'll answer when I'm home from the office.

01-11-04, 16:09
Migration Insititute Turku/Åbo Finland

First names Toivo
Age or age group 31
Port of departure Helsinki
Place of destination Toronto
State of destination ON
Country of destination CDN
Price of ticket USD 105
Ship from Finland Ilmatar
Date of departure from Finland 19.02.1936
Ship from England D. of York
Date of departure from England 28.02.1936
Ocean Line Canadian Pacif.
Port of departure in England *
List and page 143/40
Remarks Mk Eva ja Mirja Tervonen.

First names Toivo
Age or age group 20
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Clinton
State of destination IN
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 168
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 23.11.1904
Ship from England Parisian
Date of departure from England 01.12.1904
Ocean Line Allan Line

First names Toivo
Age or age group 1M
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Crystal Falls
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 47
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 01.05.1907
Ship from England Victorian
Date of departure from England 10.05.1907
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 56/48

01-11-04, 16:19
Passport records

First names Toivo
Age or age group 1M
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Crystal Falls
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 47
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 01.05.1907
Ship from England Victorian
Date of departure from England 10.05.1907
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 56/48


01-11-04, 16:23
Search results (Passenger records)

Last name First names Place of destination State Country Date
Storman Bror Grayling MN USA 01.08.1908
Storman Gunnar Grayling MN USA 01.08.1908
Storman Karin Grayling MN USA 01.08.1908
Storman Oskar Grayling MN USA 01.08.1908


01-11-04, 18:23
53h Arvo Into Alex. Tervonen Apr 20 1880 Ylihärmä 1903 S 27-3

This guy is on memberbook page 53 and is married. His birthdate is given above and he was born in Ylih., emigrated 1903 and is a member of the Finnish Lutheran in CF (Swenson # S 27-3). Very likely not relatives of the Tervonen being sought here.

02-11-04, 23:09
I first went to Tacoma, 1st Swed. Baptist aka Central Baptist. In a historical sketch, I found only this: "several who at one time were members of our church have entered the gospel ministry." Andrew J Stormans is listed as a pastor in Chicago, IL.
Bethel Baptist Swedish-Finnish in Chicago. He is their first regular pastor having served as student pastor in summer 1906 and then regularly from 1907 to August 1910 when he left for Tacoma. I could not find him again at a Tacoma WA baptist church. With the foto of him is this text: Rev. A.J. Stormans was born in Forsby, Finland October 17, 1879. Converted in early years he entered the Morgan Park Baptist Seminary shortly after immigrating to U.S.A. Upon graduating he served several of our churches, among them the Bethel Baptist Church twice."
He served at Ballard Baptist in Seattle Jan 1, 1918 to Apr 24, 1924.
Then at Ebenezer Baptist in Duluth Apr 6, 1924 to Oct 1, 1935.
I did not find him at Fish Lake Baptist in Harris MN (near Rush City)
I did not find him at Judith Gap MT baptist or the El Salem baptist in Rothiemay MT.
We have a time gap from 1910 to 1918 so perhaps he served in the Tacoma area or perhaps at a Finnish church whose archives are not at Swenson.

Unfortunately there is no historical sketch of him that would give more information than that which is already known, that he was born in Forsby, Finland. It is about as much as I expected. Perhaps the Finnish archives in Hancock, MI just might have more data about him.


04-11-04, 02:34
Thank you so much to Kevin, Syrene, Lasare2, Chuck & Alf!!
I've found so much info and learned so much about Andrew J
Stormans and the wonderful country and people of Finland
because of the information I received from all of you.

Thank you Thank you!!!!


04-11-04, 20:47
Birth 28 JUL 1877 Pörtom
Sex Female
Died 1 JUL 1885
Person ID I22374

Father Johan-Erik Risberg, b. 28 MAR 1838
Mother Lovisa Ericsdotter Wias, b. 11 JUL 1839, Malax
Group Sheet F6575

The above is from Göran Berglund's information on Talko. He may well have additional material on Risberg's which is why i send you this. This Maria died young, but names are often a part of family tradition, so your Mary L might well be from the same family. Write him an email through the Finlander, is my suggstion.

ps Didn't find Stormans yet.

Kaj Granlund
05-11-04, 11:06
Syrene is right. there are many (too many :) ) Forbys in Finland. But Bennäs is the neighbour town of Forsby in Pedersöre parish.

05-11-04, 17:49
Could Andrew Stormans have served in WW1 and be back in an American parish by the beginning of 1918?

Andrew is the only Stormans listed on The Scandinavians in the 1910 census cd but in WA were two interesting names. Four Tervonen listings were found with another 34 Tervo listings. NB.These listings are for Heads of households only.

Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Best wishes,

16-11-04, 08:02
Hi Kerri,

Have you searched the above site under
Left hand screen Emigration,
United States,
then on right hand screen United States General
go down to the Mission Posten Subscribers Lists you will be well rewarded with addresses.

Best wishes

21-11-04, 12:57
Hi Kerri,
I found this when searching Pierce County lists, WA.

STORMANS, LOUISE -- Born August 29, 1864, Finland. Died June 15, 1942, Pierce County Hospital, Tacoma, Wash. Cause of death: Parkinson's disease; generalized arteriosclerosis. Widow. Father: Anderson (b. Finland). Mother: Marie Ness (b. Finland). Informant: And. Johnson, Port Angeles, Wash. Burial June 16, 1942, Mtn. View Cemetery, Tacoma, Wash.

I hope it is helpful


Hans-Erik Jansson
12-01-07, 18:08
My name is Hans-Erik Jansson, living in Forsby Pedersöre Finland.
I was Finlander home page and found an interesting question from one person with the signiture kbrostrom who had sent a mail 31.10.04 asking for some information about his great grandfather Andrew Johnson Stormans born in Forsby Finland 1879. I am from the same family and my great grandfather John Johnson Stormns was a brother of Andrew Stormans. I have information about the family which I would like to share with this distant relative. My e-mail address is fam.jansson*pp.inet.fi or hans-erik.jansson*abo.fi and post address Korsbackavägen 88, 68920 Forsby, Finland
> With thanks, Hans-Erik Jansson