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Gunnel S
02-11-04, 23:02
Iīm searching for information about my grandmotherīs brothers: Oskar Vilhelm Mattsson Sandelin, b. 18 Dec 1872 in Malax and Isak Mattsson Sandelin, b 23 Jan 1884 in Malax.

The only information I have about Oskar Vilhelm is that he went to USA 1906.

Th information I have about Isak is that he sailed for Worcester in 1907. He was listed as a wireworker 1908 , lived and worked in the Swedish section of Worcester.

I attach a photo of 4 gentlemen. I donīt know who they are. On the back of the photo is my grandmotherīs name, so I think they must be related to her. The photo is taken at Park Studio, 503 Main St. Worcester, Mass.

Gunnel Smulter

Karen Norwillo
03-11-04, 17:53
Gunnel, I wasn't able to find them on the census, but I did find the WWI Draft Card for Isaac Sandelin, age 34, born 25 Jan 1884 in Finland. He is a woodsman for Brown Co. He is single. Nearest relative listed as Matti Sandelin, Vasa, Finland. His address is Norwood, Norfolk, Mass.I found many Sandelins from Malax on Ellis Island, but no Oskar or Isak. There were an Emil, Viktor and Jonas Sandelin all going to Dollar Bay, MI.There is an Oskar Sandelin on the 1910 census in Hancock, Houghton, MI, but he would be too old to be the one. Karen

Karen Norwillo
03-11-04, 18:26
In rechecking the census, I found in the 1930 census for Bingham, Somerset, Maine, Isaac Sandelin, age 46, single, roomer, born Finland, woodsman, lumbering. Came to USA in 1906.

03-11-04, 22:30
at Swenson 231 = Houghton County, Dollar Bay, First Lutheran

16h Jonas Edwardt Sandelin Nov 26 1886 Öfvermalax 1906 231

Well Karen, this is the Jonas you saw with some more info on him. I don't know if this guy fits this thread but here he is!

oh and 16h means he was found on memberbook page 16 and he was married.

Gunnel S
03-11-04, 22:33
Thank you Karen! I didnīt expect to get an answer so quickly. Now I know that there are not any relatives of Isaac in USA if he was single.

About Oskar Vilhelm I have to correct myself. In papers from their fathers estate inventory (19 Jan 1906) it is written: Vilhelm was living in America. So I donīt know which year he went to America. And he was called Vilhelm and not Oskar.

But who could the gentlemen on the photo be? I have been thinking that it could be a father with his sons.....

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help!

Gunnel S

Gunnel S
03-11-04, 22:50
Jonas Edvard Sandelin was a cousin to Isaac Sandelin. I have some information about him: wife and 3 children.

Gunnel S

Karen Norwillo
04-11-04, 02:39
I found a Wilhelm Sandelin who came to US 2 Sep 1890 on the SS Eider to NY, but he is 28, which would be too old according to your date of birth. He is listed as Russian, but the names on the manifest are clearly Finnish.

04-11-04, 02:50
Hi Gunnel,
I can go to Swenson Tuesday and get the information about his family.

The UP Finns dbase holds only names of the Finnish born so his wife is not from there.


Gunnel S
05-11-05, 16:29
I have some new information about Oskar Vilhelm Mattsson Sandelin, b. 18 Dec 1872 in Malax. Vilhelm could also has used Ström as last name.