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04-11-04, 02:36
Trying to find more info on the following people;
William Victor Erickson b. 16 Dec. 1868 Finland, d. 4 Dec. 1946, Crystal Falls, Iron Co. MI.

& Anna Sofia Wickstrom (many variations on Wickstrom) b. 13 Jan 1871 Finland, d. 26 Jan 1939 Chicago, IL.

As far as I can determine, they were brother and sister in some form..(step maybe) They were both married in Florence Co. WI. (different years) and both marriage certificates give the same parents names and on Anna's certificate, William is a witness.

Parents names are John & Anna Sofia Erickson

I have never found the final naturalization for William Erickson but I found his application.
He immigrated in Nov. 1887 to the port of Philadelphia and declaired in Florence Co. WI. on 7 April 1889, according to the 1910 & 1920 census he was naturalized in 1897,

According to the fadeing memory of a relative, he remembers the family saying that they came from Vassa, somewhere near the Kortesjarvi area. I have looked at what parish records the LDS has for Kortesjarvi and no occurance of any William Erickson or any Wickstrom.

It's unknown why his sister, my grandmother, Anna Sofia Wickstrom used that last name, it's on every birth certificate for all 7 of her children, about 1 variation per certificate !

Anna Sofia Wickstrom says she immigrated in 1890 but have never found any further information on that.

William V. Erickson married Anna Betha Oling, 24 May 1901, Florence, Florence Co. WI.

Anna Sofia Wickstrom married Peter J. Engberg 21 Feb. 1892 Florence, Florence Co.

Cidney Engberg

04-11-04, 02:58
Hi Cidney,
I found what might be a clue to locating some of the information you seek.

On www.migrationinstitute.fi the following appears:
Eriksson William Viktor . .9999

This is a passport record on the Migration Institute website. Basic searches are free and will only show you what I have listed. Maybe someone else who has a subscription may be able to access additional details about this William Viktor.

I didn't find anything for Anna Sofia.

Do you have a copy of William's ship arrival record? Often it will contain information concerning a person's home parish.

I checked the HisKi records but Kortesjärvi records end 1850 so their birth records do not show up. I didn't find any Wickström records there either.

I'll keep looking around to see what I can find.

Karen Norwillo
04-11-04, 04:39
Several references to Anna and Peter Engberg family found on the US Census. On the 1910 census for Homestead Township, Florence, WI
Engberg, Peter J. age 48 Sweden married farmer emigrated 1896
Engberg, Anna age 40 Fin/Swede 8children, 7 living emigrated 1890
Engberg, John J age 18 Michigan laborer
Engberg, Ebba age 14 MI
Engberg, Eddie age 12
Engberg, Ida age 9
Engberg, Harry age 6
Engberg, Elsie age 4
On the 1920 census, I found Ebba Engberg, age 23, servant, born MI, in the home of John Jeffery in Chicago, Cook, IL
On the 1930 census for Chicago, Cook, IL
Engberg, Edna? age 56 widow Sweden?
Engberg, Jack 36 single MI shipping clerk factory
Engberg, Edward 30 single MI carpenter factory
Engberg, Harry 25 single MI shipping clerk factory
Engberg, Elsie 23 single MI stenographer office
Even though Anna is listed as Edna, everything else fits.
They lived on West Jackson Blvd, Chicago
WWI Draft card for John J Engberg age 24 28 Dec 1892 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI ( next to Florence, WI) sawmill operator single
Iron County Death Index- William Victor Erickson book 2, page 94, year 1946
Anna Erickson- two possible listings- book 1, page 289, 1936 or book 2, page 193, 1955
Hope this helps, Karen

04-11-04, 18:46
I checked for William Erickson born 1868 and for Anna Sofia Wickstrom-Wikström in the Migration Institute records for passengers and for passports. Nothing on either one. It makes me believe that they altered their names to Erickson and Wickstrom once here in the US. Very often happened, when they began to believe the names were either too difficult to pronounce in English, or that they sounded too Old Country. Do you have any old items which belonged to them, like a family Bible or Psalmbok for instance. Sometimes there are inscriptions inside the cover, and that gives a hint.
[Citizenship applications are another thing. I found out for a cousin that his mother had used three different names while in the US, before she married. One was our families' home community, Jussila; one was the farm name Björklund, and the last was Sandås, her father's last name. Another typical "last" choice for her would have been Jonasson, since her father's given name was Jonas.]

Did either ever belong to the Order of Runeberg, the local church, or Vasa Lodge? Sometimes those records are extant.


04-11-04, 18:52
Hi again,
Just checking the Order of Runeberg lodges in 1917. Hedvig Erickson and Wryer Erickson were born in Ashland, Wisconsin. Those are the only names I can come up with. Sorry.

04-11-04, 20:10
Hi Syrene,
Can you check the Migration Institute website again? I found this listing on their site:

"On www.migrationinstitute.fi the following appears:
Eriksson William Viktor . .9999 "

Note the spelling of the last name. Like you, I couldn't find a listing for Anna Sofia.

I don't have a subscription to the Migration site so I could only see the basic listing.


04-11-04, 20:20
I found a guy in the Iron Mtn Covenant church named William Erikson but he died in 1918 and your guy died in 1946 so not him.
Then I looked to see if I could find your guy in the funerals listings but the Crystal Falls list ended in 1941 and the Covenant marriage list began in 1905 so I am unable to add anything beyond what we had done previously.
He probably was connected to a Finnish church so the archives at Hancock might be helpful for you.


04-11-04, 20:27
I'm losing it! didn't check Eriksson, but Erickson. Here you are:

Last name Eriksson Search in other databases
Passenger records

Reference records

First names William Viktor
Other names *
Date of birth . .9999
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Merimies Seaman
Home parish Maaria Mariehamn?
Province TUR Åbo
Passport date 28.04.1902
Passport number 836
Passport valid (year:month) 1:0
Destination Ulkomaat Abroad
Passport issued by TUR
Remarks *

Note, Syrene stuck in the translations. Not sure about them.

04-11-04, 22:08
Thanks, Syrene, for checking on this.

Cidney, it seems this isn't the correct guy. I'd probably suggest trying to obtain his arrival record from the ship manifest. That might provide the best chance of getting the information you seek and also help to trace him back further.

I've found that the step(s) needed to get the information back far enough to then utilize HisKi are always the hardest. But determination usually pays off in the end. :)

Good luck and let me know if you need more help or pointers.

02-07-05, 15:36
Much belated thanks to all of you who did some looking, I havn't been on this board for quite some time.

I have all the info on the Engberg people, thanks again.

Nothing new in my search, I wrote Philly where William Erickson arrived and they didn't find anything...at least that is what they said.