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05-11-04, 16:26
I can't tell you how many times I have cross checked names in Norrbotten Sweden for Finnish living there. Oodles of times .
I have found 41 cabinet photos of people from that area on ebay and am wondering if I should rescue them. .... I don't need more clutter than I allready have. I sometime get them placed with the family bur not too often.
Here is what the seller posted:

There are (41 )aprox) photos from the Victorian period - portraits from various foreign & US studios. Many women photographers. Sizes vary but quality also varies from the high end studio to the unmarked travelling photographers. Some studios are Blomquist Lulea, Anna Rutberg -Kalix, Erik Hublin -Nederkali, Hanna Rutback, K. Kalstrom - Solleptea, Cuyler & Hill, Marrinette, Wisconsin. Hultin, OH Bergstrom - Neder Kalix, Riggs, Marshfield , Ore., H Tegstrom & Co., also as - Henry Tegstrom. Many, I should say the most, are by Hannah Rutback. Men together, woman with kids, kids alone, babies, men, an old mill shot. Some sepia tone, some pure black & white, some are unmarked w/o studio marks. The sizes vary. Corners of mattes are good
Item number: 6127996966

05-11-04, 18:38
Does the seller mention any names of the subjects? Otherwise it's almost impossible to make connections, isn't it? Is there anyone on Finlander with roots in that area?