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06-11-04, 05:49
Am searching for info re Järvinen family from Karstula. I have a grandmother, Josefina, born February,1882, in village of Vahanka, Karstula, daughter of Juhan Järvinen. There was a handwritten note in the family bible with lots of Järvinen surnames-Matti, Lauri, Vilha, Niilo, Allen, Jaakko, Paavo, most from Vahanka,some from Kyyjarvi,Vehkapera, and some from Kiminki, but no mention of family relationship. Also on list is Kaisa Lehisolo ,several Rastikainens from Keitele, KK.

Do these names mean anything to anybody? I am thinking Elvi, Vieno, Aune, Kaisa, Kettu are female Järvinens listed with their married names. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

10-11-04, 06:52
Hi Sager,

Welcome to Finlander. You are very fortunate to have a family name list to help guide your research however I'm not quite sure whether you are trying to find out about the Järvinen family in Finland or family members who emigrated to America?

A quick search on the emigration/immigration sites show Järvinen to be a very popular name.