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07-11-04, 03:29
First of all I would like to thank June for pointing me to this site.

I'm Marcy, born and raised in Michigan but have lived in Northern California since 1969. My grandparents all came from Finland from the towns of Kvevlax, Malax, Lehtimaki & Alajarvi. I've been working on the genealogy for 30 years now and have traveled to Finland twice to meet relatives and introduce my children to their scandinavian roots....for those tough times in life when they can draw on the strength of their ancestory!!!

My grandparents settled in Northern Michigan in the towns of Atlantic Mine and Dollar Bay. Family names are Pellosmaa, Paalijarvi, Fahlur, and Johnson (Karfsor).

Greetings to all


07-11-04, 04:26
Is the Fahlur from Malax? We were there this summer. Noticed the construction moving ahead on the textiles/photos/documents archive building at Brinkas museum.
I'm a Staaf from Övermalax. Waiting eagerly for the next book on Daniel Köping's descendents. Hoping they get to us Staafs:)

07-11-04, 06:21
Hello Syrene, yes the Fahlur's are from Malax. I was visiting in the summer of 2003 and got the Koiping book from my cousin, I am listed on page 156 Marcy Johnson (Shryock) children Kacee & Jeff. I'm not sure if this is the first or second book but it is very well organized. Perhaps we are related??

07-11-04, 17:29
Welcome Marcy!

Greetings from another former Michigander! :) There are a few of us here.

Wow, working on your genealogy for 30 years! You probably have your tree pretty well filled out. But, in case you don't, you'll find many helpful people on this forum.

07-11-04, 17:42
Hi again,
We're not related through the first daughter, but surely in some other direction:) My huband put the Forsman-Staaf gedcom in Hasse's hands some time ago. It's on Talko. Have you sent in a gedcom yet? That gives you a password so you can access the entire database.
med vänliga hälsingar kusin!

June Pelo
07-11-04, 20:47
Just wanted to say Hello to Marcy and am glad that she has joined us. Hope we'll hear more from her.
I, too, am a Michigander but haven't lived there for 50 years..