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Alice Finnerty
07-11-04, 22:18
Hello. (I am new and this is my first thread)
I would like to know any information on my great Aunt.
Ida Johanna (Andersdotter) Jossgark born in Esse, Finland on April 15, 1875. Her parents were Anders Andersson Jossgark and Lisa Johansdotter Hummelholm. I know that she emigrated to America to help her brother Alfred take care of his 2 small children after his wife passed in the Mullen Idaho area or New Castle Washington area. I know that she went back to Finland after Alfred remarried. But could have returned to the USA and back to Finland several times. I know she was married twice. first to Anders Johnson and had 3 daughters. Then she married Wilhelm Wall Svedjemark and had 1 daughter. I have attached a picture of Ida Johanna. I am interested to know the death date and place of Ida. I would like to know if her daughters resided in the USA or Finland. The obituary of my Grandfather in 1955 states he has a surviving sister in Finland. Thanks for any help


08-11-04, 00:12
Hi Alice and welcome to Finlander Forum!

I know this isn't the person you're seeking but it may be Ida's sister. The father's name listed as a relative in Finland is Anders Andersson from Esse, Finland. This Maria along with her many children were going to her husband, Anders, in Michigan.

Thought you might be interested in seeing it. I'm still looking for Ida on the Ellis Island site. She didn't appear as a Jassgark but I'll try the other names.

Hope this helps,

08-11-04, 00:12
forgot the attachment...

08-11-04, 01:29
I think the Maria above is the sister-in-law as I saw a Matts arrive in 1913 on Ellis Island, listing Maria as his wife in Finland.

As for Ida, I found one Ida Johanson, age 56, widowed in Anacodes/Anacortes City, Washington in the 1930 census. She was born in Finland but spoke Swedish and was 23 at age of marriage. She had 1 daughter, Helen, age 20, born WA living with her. Helen was a stenographer for a real estate office. Not sure this was her but not many alternatives.

In 1920, I found a Alfred Anderson, 34, living in Butte, Silver Bow, MT. He was with wife, Elna 31, Harold 10, Gaylord7, and Dolly 5. Looks like 1906 was year of immigration. He was born in Finland.

Using Soundex searches, I couldn't find any Jossgark or Svedjemark. If Ida traveled back and forth, it might be a low chance of her being present during the census enumerations.

08-11-04, 01:36
And just in case you'd like to see this, here's Matts Ellis Island arrival record (1913). It shows him going to brother, Alfred Anderson in New Castle, WA.

Alice Finnerty
08-11-04, 02:22
Kevin, Thank you so much for the information. I do appreciate what you have found. My Aunt Ida Johanna - I thought I had attached her picture before but I guess I didn't do it properly - I hope is attached this time.
I have found that my grandfather Matts Leander Jassgark came over several times and his name was mis-spelled wrong ( Malts Jasgark) at Ellis Island. I was told he was a ships carpenter.
I have not been able to locate his sister Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Jossgark born 15-04-1875 or another sister Maria Alina Andersdotter Jossgark at Ellis Island. Would be so great to find out the date of their arrival and age.
My Grandmother Maria Sofia Pehrsdotter Skruf was a remarkable woman! She arrived in the USA with seven children in tow. Ingrid, Sylvia, Emil, Gunnar, John and Ethel. She had 3 more children born in Michigan Oscar, Floyd and my father Glen. I am so very lucky to have as many photos as I have. Iam planning a trip to Finland next summer so I would like to be as prepared as I can be for the trip to do more research. I am thinking I maybe have cousins from Ida Johanna family.
thanks again - alice

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Alice Finnerty
08-11-04, 02:32
Well.... that picture was HUGE. Sorry.
I am not good on the computer :O(
I have the name of Alfred first wife that came to America.
Because it is in Swedish or Finnish i cannot read it. (altho is was published in the united states - new Castle Washington -
but I can make out the dates i do believe. Lena Johanna Nyman
of Runbacka, Esse, Vasa - maybe born November 8, 1884
and maybe died april 1 or April 7 of 1913 in New Castle. I was told that she died of TB shortly after she arrived in America.
thanks Alice

10-11-04, 08:20
Hi Alice,
Welcome to Finlander.
At the Genealogical Society of Finland website under Emigration, Indexes are a series of Indexes for Death Certificates of Finns in .... Under King County 1913 I found
ANDERSON, LENA JOHANA -- Age 28 yrs. 11 mos. 29 days, born in Finland. Died Apr. 7, 1913, Newcastle, Wash. Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis. Married. Father: Andrew Nyman (b. Finland). Mother: Kasaa Nyman (b. Finland). Informant: A.V. Anderson, Newcastle, Wash. Burial Apr. 9, 1913, IOOF Cemetery, Newcastle, Wash.

Here is the url should you wish to search for more

On the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census cd index I found a Fred A V Anderson. The cd only lists heads of household.Details follow
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

I also noticed a number of Finnish born Anderson in Mullan, Idaho.

Unfortunately I don't have access to the census, Hopefully someone else does and can check whether this is your Alfred and his family.

Best wishes,

10-11-04, 15:01
Originally posted by jeanette

This Fred is listed as Fred A. V. Anderson, age 28, immigrated 1901, occupation was Coal Miner. Wife's name was Hannah, age 25, immigrated 1905. Married with no children.

06-02-05, 05:52
found at Swenson S8-1 = Negaunee Mission Covenant
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em Church

52w Ida Johanna Anderson Jun 21 1874 Esse 1902 S8-1
Esse postbook: Ida was born Hummelholm S8-1

Perhaps this person fits this thread. Her birth date does not match yours. The Esse postbook information came from Kaj Granlund, vicar at Esse. If this is the correct Ida, I can return to this church film and find death information if she was buried from this Negaunee church.


Jim Bailey
07-02-05, 17:59
Hi, Alice ----

Welcome to the List, and good luck with your family search.

One of our members, Shirley King (now in Nevada) is from your area, Wexford County, Michigan. I don't know if she's active right now, as I haven't seen an e-mail from her for awhile. Shirley's got a great sense of humor, as I receive funny material from her from time to time.

Also, her sister still lives in Cadillac, I believe.

All the best,